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Someone shared this allegation against an IAS officer of Panjab

I hope that if these allegations are true, this officer will be brought to book. I’m treating this seriously, but to ensure that no honest officer is maligned, I’ve redacted words with “xx” where a name could be identified.  If you have any evidence to substantiate any of this, please send it to me in confidence.

If this is true, it won’t come as a surprise. A large proportion of IAS officers are now corrupt.

My main message: If you want to fix the underlying cause of this miserable state of affairs, you need to join SBP and work to change the system.




Request for non empanelment and not giving a post In Delhi to xxx Punjab xxx batch and Initiation of departmental inquiry and action against him for possessing assets disproportionate to Income. (CBI and ED Investigation)

Respected Sir

It is my duty to briefly mention about the wrong and illegal activities of most ill reputed, manipulative, shrewd, most corrupt, cunning and selfish officer of Indian Administrative Service xxx

This person was sidelined for 7 years by Congress Governments and then by Akali Govt. They had initiated vigilance inquiries against him for wrong doings in Food Department and Education Department.

Almost 20 years back he had taken a bribe of 80 lakhs from the Atta Chakki owners of  Punjab sitting in Sldhartha Hotel, New Delhi. This was one of the instances of bribery by him. He was posted as SRM, FCI Panjab of that time. During his tenure In FCI he minted around 100 crores with a target given to each DM FCI every month for his corruption needs.

He had set up a huge boarding school In Himachal Pradesh in partnership with a PCS officer Deepak Garg.

There were large number of families like Setias of Faridkot, Nagpals of Ferozepur, Bonsals of Patiala, Singla of Chandigarh who helped him in taking care of his illegal wealth.

Govt had started CBI and Vigilance inquiries against him at that time, but he managed to get the matters closed. Though he was absconding for sometime but later he pulled his levers through his Brother xxx. He was empanelled from back date as Joint Secretory and Additional Secretory in a single order.

After lot of harassment a lady who committed suicide because of him, Mrs Bajaj from Education Department had levied serious allegations against him for demanding bribe.

He again managed courts through his son, xxx. He further harassed two lady officers of 1987 and 1988 batch who complained CM Punjab about his iII behavior and corrupt practices. Since both officers husbands were working in IPS. he apologized to both of them individually and managed to save the situation.

After living in wilderness for 7 years he again came to mainstream and was appointed as Secy, IT where he gained a lot of wealth by awarding contracts for computerization.

Here he managed through a weak PCS officer. He through a PCS Officer Sh P S Ahuja got the job of Secy. Irrigation which changed his destiny.

In Irrigation through his favourite contractor Gurinder Singh he started giving contracts of Irrigation and drainage of highly exorbitant prices which led to windfall gains for him and his family. He transferred amount obtained using the route of Hawala to Dubai and USA where his elder son is based these days. His son is a mediocre engineer but has purchased house worth 16 crores (eq USDs) from the iII gotten wealth of his father.

After joining as Chief Secretary, he kept the charge of Irrigation with him so that the corruption acts are not interrupted. There was an IAS officer by the Home of Pannu who was sidelined and only made to sign on the dotted lines. Pannu complained to CM but he managed to tell CM that Pannu was incompetent and does not deserve to be in service. XX prevailed and Pannu had to suffer.

Another officer GS Ghuman was served with charge sheet and penalty as he could not sell his agricultural land which xx wanted to purchase at dirt cheap price from Ghuman forcefully. Xx wonted to invest his ill gotten wealth in agricultural land in Ghuman’s land. He refused which led to xx entangling Ghuman in a fake case. Very sorry to note that Sh Ghumon died recently due to excess stress put up by xx. God will not forgive xx for this mean act.

He further held the charge of e governance department.  This is in addition to Irrigation. Because Punjab Govt  had decided to set up Seva Kendras, single window platform for the citizens. Here he played mischief and has earned around 200 crore by giving contract to his party for software development, provision of hardware and other activities. He appointed a pliable PCS officer as Director so that no one can question him in awarding these bogus contracts.

He has purchased lot of property to Ludhiana, Mohali, Chandigarh, Aambala, Himachal and Delhi. People soy he purchased lot of property in Vasant Vihar, Basont Kunj, Panchsheela Pork, Rojouri Garden and Pitampure.

He has married his second son to a family of jewelers so that his black money can be consumed in this way.

He has active partnership with his brother xxx  in the whole winding of wealth. His CA in Chandigarh some Mr Singla has all the records of his III deeds.

This officer now wants to join Indian Government. All the parties of Punjab knows his misdeeds and want to pack him off to Siberia. He claims open access to all the power centres of Delhi.


He should be served with a charge sheet and inquiry by CBI and Vigilance. He deserves to be in Jail. He has tortured large number of ladies in his office. Destiny will prevail and he will meet his end soon. He has asked a lady officer from PCS who want to be in IAS to meet his son xx for managing a good ACR and clearance from him at a cost.

One of the Most Respectable politician Copt Amarinder Singh has recently complained to Election Commission and has rated xx as “Shrewd. Mean, manipulative and Cunning to the Core”

Hopeful of Justice


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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