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My article in Times of India regarding Swarna Bharat Party, India’s only liberal party

Times of India has published – as a central editorial – the following article I wrote on SBP: For a liberal India: The country now has its first liberal party, the Swarna Bharat Party  [Screenshot]

Image below. High quality PDF here.  Please share this around. More importantly, please join SBP here, and donate (no cash, only electronic/NEFT) here.



Sanjeev Sabhlok

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4 thoughts on “My article in Times of India regarding Swarna Bharat Party, India’s only liberal party
  1. Sarath Chandra

    In politics, you cannot survive without resorting to cunning corruption. Look at the fate of Arvind Kejriwal. People genuinely believed him on his promise of bringing a corruption free governance. And look where is he now.

  2. Joyson Fernandes

    Kejriwal had no idea about governance and never had an inkling about the policy solutions to India’s problems. We do! This is not empty talk. We have a well-researched manifesto which address all of India’s governance issues and contains policy solutions to all of India’s problems. Likes of it doesn’t exist in any other party.

    It’s not a valid comparison to state that SBP is like AAP, or that any of the leaders are like Kejriwal or his sycophants. SBP is NOT a one-man party! And we are not into histrionics.

    The National Executive is staffed by honest and competent professionals with good careers. None of them are jobless full-time social activists! And the party system is set up as such that dishonest and half-baked people cannot make it to the leadership.

    As for Kejriwal, he himself has always been corrupt and a cunning charlatan. There were massive financial regularities regarding his NGO Parivartan. Having said that, the entire Anna movement was about people in it to hog the limelight for their own glory. Along with Kiran Bedi who joined BJP, most of the people who joined AAP and became leaders were opportunist power-hungry wastrels.

    Liberal politics has never been tried in India. So we don’t know how the people will respond. Anything we may assume is just conjecture! It is presumptuous of anyone to claim that the public will react in so-and-so manner. Only time will tell how people react to our message.


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