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I’m sorry, Hindutva fanatics (Modi and RSS) but a LOWLY cow is NOT my mother

I shared this info that I had found on Whatsapp with some old schoolmates:

Bahrain rejects pork ban proposal; says it would violate human rights of non-Muslims

Bahrain’s government has rejected a proposal to ban the import and sale of pork across the country. The government has rejected the a parliamentary proposal saying that it will impinge on the rights of non Muslim living in the country.

The government also told the parliament that all kinds of meat imported by Bahrain, including pork, were duly checked to ensure they met the sanitary requirements.

Despite several lawmakers putting forward proposals to ban pork usage, the government’s stance to allow the sale of pork has been firm. In 2015, MP Abdullah Bin Howail called for a blanket ban on the import, sale and possession of pork products.

He argued that dealing with pork or related products was against Islam and that Bahrain, as a Muslim country, should adhere to Sharia rulings.

However, the Shura Council, the upper chamber of the bicameral parliament, voted to dismiss amendments to the Penal Code that would have criminalised dealing with pork.

Several Shura members argued that the ban would have been a violation of the human rights of the non-Muslims who lived in the kingdom, the Gulf News reported.

Bahrain is home to around 600,000 foreigners, making up slightly more than half of the total population.

One of them, with a deep knowledge of these countries, wrote:

Countries like Kuwait and Saudi have banned import and sale of pork, while in UAE and Bahrain pork is available in supermarket s. The area where pork is kept is in a corner with enough signage to indicate access for non-muslims only


At least such a courtesy should be provided in India to those who don’t think that a lowly ungulate – a mere cow with an extremely undeveloped brain – is their “mother”. No more ridiculous idea perhaps exists.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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One thought on “I’m sorry, Hindutva fanatics (Modi and RSS) but a LOWLY cow is NOT my mother
  1. Joyson Fernandes

    Even alcohol is freely available in Bahrain. Bahrain and UAE are more liberal and free overall than India. Even their societies are more far more progressive than India. India performs better only when it comes to freedom of religion, and that too is restricted in BJP-ruled states.


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