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Hitler was not only executing the Protestant Christian agenda, the Catholic Pope required his birthday to be celebrated through special prayers

I’ve mentioned on many occasions on this blog that Hitler was a Christian and how the anti-Jew pogrom he was carrying out was nothing more than the execution of the plans of Christian leaders such as Martin Luther. (e.g. see The racist Rushton was funded by Pioneer Fund, supporter of Adolf Hitler’s race policies)

Today I chanced upon the following video by the inimitable and greatly mourned Christopher Hitchins. In this he notes that not only were the Protestants right behind Hitler, the Catholic Pope himself was right behind him:

Fascism, the original 20th century totalitarian movement is really historically another name for the for the political activity of the Catholic right wing. There is no other name for it…  It’s the Catholic right. Mussolini. You can’t quite say that about Hitler – National Socialism – because that’s also based on Nordic and pagan blood myths, leader worship, and so on. Though Hitler never repudiated his membership of the church. And prayers were said for him on his birthday every year till the very end on the orders of the Vatican.”


“Religion was an important part of the National Socialist movement and, as in Italy, a desire for a religious resurgence fueled support for the Nazi regime, especially early on. However, Hitler preached his own brand of Christian fundamentalism.

In Hitler’s 1920 NSDAP 25 point agenda, point number 24:

We demand freedom for all religious denominations in the State, provided they do not threaten its existence and do not offend the moral feelings of the German race.

The Party, as such, stands for positive Christianity, but does not commit itself to any particular denomination. It combats the Jewish-materialistic spirit within and without us, and is convinced that our nation can achieve permanent health only from within on the basis of the principle: The common interest before self-interest.

Early on fascism was seen as a movement that embraced Christianity. In Germany fascists promoted what they called “true Christianity”, which was essentially Christian fundamentalism.

What the Nazis espoused was that Christians who tolerated atheism or Jews were in fact not “true Christians”. Hitler’s major social charge was that he was going to clean up Germany and rid it of the influences of Marxists, Jews, and atheists, who he claimed were destroying not only German culture, but all of Western culture.

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