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Do we really have even 10 voices of liberty yet in India?

My email that I sent out to a few hundred people today:

===CUT AND PASTE (I’ve fixed a couple of typos) ===

I was tweeting some basic lessons to India’s socialists today. Then I wrote this:
One voice always starts all change. In India the voice of liberty is now being heard. From one voice to ten voices already.

I remember starting off a single web page as a student in my little room in USC, Los Angeles – in February 1998. For the next nearly 20 years I have learnt perhaps everything that needed to be learnt about liberty in India, and about those who care enough for liberty to fight for it.

During this period I came across all kinds of weird people. Hundreds of them. I won’t name all, just a few:

LK Kandpal – who helped me register Freedom Team of India but now works for Yogendra Yadav, the arch enemy of liberty.

Somnath Bharati – who joined FTI but now works with socialist AAP

Shantanu Bhagwat – who joined FTI but quickly jumped into AAP (and then left since they didn’t reward his opportunism).

JP of LokSatta – who claimed he promotes liberty but then started singing praises of Modi.

All these are fake voices – they were not fighting for liberty in India – all were fighting for themselves – their personal gain.

Anyway, I was thinking a moment ago about whether the number of voices for liberty in India has actually reached the figure of 10. I’m not sure.

I’m listing the voices of liberty in India (all of them are, of course, on our team [SBP]: no other party supports liberty) which I believe are fundamentally clear about liberty. To be counted as a voice by me you need to have demonstrated at least on social media/internet that you care for liberty politically; and have done so in a consistent manner. Just being a member of SBP or having funded SBP is not enough.

– Joyson Fernandes
– Abraham Arsalan
– Sanjay Garg
– Vidyut Jain
– Rahul Rana
– Anil Sharma

I believe some others have spoken here or there in some contexts, and a few have spoken sporadically – for a few minutes or a few months and then have disappeared. They could all add up to another three voices, perhaps.

But as you can see, the actual quantum of “voice” is still very feeble, very small. We don’t really have even 10 voices fighting for liberty in India.

On the other hand, the socialists have thousands of voices. No wonder they are winning and India is losing.

I am saying this to ask you all to become a voice for liberty. It is not enough to be on SBP. You need to take the message of SBP and liberty aggressively to the people.

It is not OK to say that you have a full time job. So did I (except for the past year when I have been working 4 days a week). Even 5 minutes consistently on twitter or facebook will spread the word.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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2 thoughts on “Do we really have even 10 voices of liberty yet in India?
  1. Raj

    The day we enter the battlefield, you’ll hear me speak Sanjeev. I do happen to do a bit of preaching contextually here and there on Quora, but I need to see the worth of spending my voice, and THAT very day we sign ourselves up to contest an election, any election, be it a municipal one.

    I wouldn’t blink twice before I’m willing to head down to whichever chaotic, dirty “town” we’re trying to win, and speaking to one and all out there to tell them why their(and my own) prosperity lies in voting for us, and more importantly the ideals we stand by.

    Until then, I’ll spend my voice when I see the worth. Here and there when I see the one who’s willing to absorb what I’d say.

    PS: Trust me, I’ve tried “spamming” freedom before. Did realize that it never was worth the effort. Was a bit like Bhandari’s “cultural change”. The day we get political, I sure will do all the convincing that ever is needed. I promise.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Raj, you amaze me.

    Life itself is a battlefield. When I started this work I did not wait to have someone prepare the battlefield.

    Sorry, I’m not impressed. I’ve seen hundreds of half-baked “fighters” for liberty. The fighter for liberty doesn’t wait for someone else to make it easy.



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