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You can’t observe inside your head. No light penetrates there. You can only delude yourself.

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Spiritualism = self-delusion. India leads the world in self-delusion, no wonder its results are so poor.


What about self observation ?


That’s precisely the source of the delusion. As a biological creature we are endogenous to the physical world and every moment we engage with the physical world. We should be like the other animals on this Earth.

Just because we have a more evolved brain (which underpins our survival as a species) doesn’t mean we need to create complexity where there is none. Instead, there is real complexity in the physical world: we should try to observe and understand it – including how our brain works.

Observing the “self” is like observing a black hole. It is just a hole, where no light penetrates. The only “observations” are imaginary.

Similarly, billions of humans have “observed” the “self” and ALL have come to different explanations of the observation.

To anyone (such as a child who is habituated to speaking the truth) this indicates that there is nothing to observe, and everything is being generated by our imagination.

If there was anything to observe, we’d all observe the exactly same thing.

I trust that makes clear why this “observation” is a delusion – basically brain-generated imagination.

The only thing that CAN be observed is the product of “self-observation” by billions of people. And that is religious scripture/ literature. And any objective observer can see that it is a total khichri.

On the other hand if the same time is spent in studying the real universe (which is purely physical – I’m including the underlying energy as physical), these billions of people would have produced useful knowledge.

Instead of observing “self”, observe the outside – and see how filthy and rotten it is. See how corrupt everyone has become. See how people are killing themselves on the basis of their delusions.
Looking outside can create real value since it is a worthwhile exercise. Looking inside is both addictive (people imagine they have become “wise” or “spiritual” and live their life in a total daze) but has nothing useful to offer us as an animal species.
How are such rotten people able to make a fool of us all?

Because we are busy looking “inside”. These Yogis and Babas are totally outward-focused (on money and power) but they delude us that they are looking “inside” and are “wise” and “superior”.

The filth, lies and hate that comes from their mouths then starts appearing to us to be “revealed wisdom”.

We lock our cerebrum and start following them like a dog follows its master.

And then these people gain what they really want – power over us all.

Why else would these Modis and Ramdevs and Adityanaths have any role to play in our lives? They are so despicable I would not let them come in my presence (yes, I realise Ramdev made a fool out of me as well, for a while – he is good at lying through his teeth).

I’m so glad I resigned the IAS – it would have destroyed my soul to work for these people in any capacity.


The only real science of “self-observation” is economics

For only economics can explain what someone who has been “meditating” will do with his time and money when he gets up to engage with the real world.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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3 thoughts on “You can’t observe inside your head. No light penetrates there. You can only delude yourself.
  1. Harsha

    Philosophy is not bad. Spirituality is. By spirituality I mean ontology, the discussions on divine-spirit and earthly-spirit whether they are one or two, whether one joins the other or stays separate are all waste of time. But philosophy is good.

  2. Prakash Chandrashekar

    Meditation is a practice to calm and focus the mind. It has practical uses as well. According to Timothy Ferris, who runs one of the leading podcasts in the world in the business category, a huge majority of his successful guests have some sort of meditative practice.

    You might also be interested in this conversation between Sam Harris and Yuval Hariri, both atheists and meditators.

  3. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Meditation = rest. That’s fine. Drawing any further deductions is PURE nonsense.

    Further, I think sleep provides enough rest, anyway. So there is no need for meditation.


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