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The ball is in the court of those (such as Atanu Dey) who have worked for the enemies of liberty

Some people still keep pushing me to engage with Atanu Dey.

Apparently he has drafted a new constitution for India. Well, I had proposed a new draft constitution in 2007-08 (download “online notes” here) but I don’t intend to spend too much time on it. Discussing a new constitution is not yet relevant because the time has not yet come. You need a liberal party to be in power and establish a new Constituent Assembly. That is pretty far away. All liberal effort should be spent at this moment in getting to that point. If we don’t know how to prioritise we will waste our life in futile effort.

Second, I’m told that Atanu has changed his mind about Modi. I happened to see this today on his blog:

I was a supporter of Modi because he was in my judgement better than the alternatives. Before he became the PM, he did talk about “government should not be in the business of business” and other fine sentiments. But it seems that that was just cheap talk. As it turns out, Modi is a statist — a person who believes that only the state can solve economic problems.

Modi had the mandate to make dramatic, and much needed, changes. But he did not make those changes as it would have reduced the power of the government — and therefore his power.

But this is a hoax.

Go back to what Atanu had written to me on 11 October 2013.

There are just too many issues here. Anyone with basic intelligence should have known upon reading read BJP’s manifesto that BJP was a socialist party. How could anyone claiming to be a liberal evel remotely think that Modi is liberal?

Second, Modi remains implicated in major crimes – regardless of whether the corrupt police and judicial system of India is able to (or wants to) pin him down.

Anyone who condones the mass killings of innocents under Modi’s regime and pretends that Modi was not directly responsible is delusional. How can such deluded persons help anyone, leave alone India?

I know some people who actively supported Modi but have realised their grievous mistake. They are now working with Swarna Bharat Party.

I’m happy for people who have openly realised their mistake in supporting illiberal forces, to join SBP. And then we can work together to transform India.

Let people like Dey openly declare that (1) BJP is the enemy of India. And (2) that Modi should be investigated for his role in the Gujarat riots. THEN (3) let them join Swarna Bharat Party.

Then we can talk – even work together.

The ball is not in my court.

It is in the court of those who have worked for the enemies of liberty.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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