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Let’s agree to the facts about India’s performance and then look at the quality of the excuses #1

I made the following summary comment and have had a bit of a discussion that’s started. I welcome your comments. I’ll comment on this separately.


Let’s at least call a spade a spade: that India is a miserably poor country with the world’s highest rates of corruption, total failure of justice, no infrastructure, the highest rates of death from traffic accidents, the lowest levels of freedom (virtually no freedom based on any comparison), mass illiteracy and ignorance, and the country from which there an ongoing desperate exodus of anyone who can get out. Etc. etc.

Do we all agree with these facts or not?


  1. Fallacy in comparison: it is unfair to compare India with high income OECD or other developed economies coz of huge differences in size, population density, nature being kind in terms of weather n natural resources, diversity in culture, religion, language, historical backlog (colonial baggage) n above all, the political climate (democratic / legal framework).

Therefore, any comparative data-set wud hv to be read with a number of filters, and not merely on their face value.

We are certainly much better than Srilanka, Bangladesh n sub Saharan countries..

  1. Now, let’s demystify some of the data relating to various indices:
  2. World Freedom index: 2012

(CATO Institute)

India ranks 75/152, with personal freedom (rule of law & safety n security) score @ 7.36 (better than world median @ 7.02);

Economic freedom score @ 6.49 (median 6.99); overall score @ 6.93 = better than Russia (6.36, rank 111), China (5.86/132), Srilanka (6.16/122), B’desh (5.82/134), Thai (6.73/86), Brazil (6.82/82), Kenya 6.56/97).

India is high on personal liberty index.

  1. World Crime Index:2017 by NUMBEO;

India ranks among the least ones, better than US/USSR;


India 43.96

Australia 42.42

Russia 46.05

China 33.9

Indonesia 49.68

Thai 49.78

Srilanka 34.57

Pakistan 54.38

US 48.76

UK 41.19

France 43.66

Italy 44.66

  1. Global Rule of Law Index: 2016

(The World Justice Project)

India ranks 66 out of 113 countries; score 0.51

< India:

Srilanka 68/0.51

Philippines 70/0.51

China 80/0.48

Russia 92/0.45

Kenya 100/0.43

B’desh 103/0.41

  1. Global Infrastructure Index 2016; World Bank

Ranking of countries:

Rank / LPI Score

India ranks 35 out of 160 countries / 3.42; certainly not the worst as alleged…..

< India:

New Zealand 37/3.39

Kenya 42;

Thailand 45;

Brazil 55;

Indonesia 63;

Philippines 71;

B’desh 81;

Russia 99;

E: World Perception of Corruption Index 2016;

(Transparency Int)

India ranks 79/; score 40, improved from 36 in 2013…equal to China;

< than india:-


Indonesia 90/37

Srilanka 95/36

Philippines 101/35

Thailand 101/35

Russia 131/29

So, india isn’t the most corrupt!!!

F:,World Inequality Index:

USA (not India) is the worst —

Wealth disparity in US:

the median top 5% household wealth has >50 times the wealth of the median US family.

Top 1% in the US hold an average of $15 million in wealth, the only other being Luxembourg.

India ranks moderate in the Inequality Index.

Details to follow….

Hope I hv been able to justify my stand!

No other country in the world with such vast size, combined with so widely divergent culture, language, religious beliefs, and weaved to democratic constitutional framework is available for a fair n just comparison. Comparison with high income group of countries or non-democratic ones like  China/Malaysia …. or tiny city states like Singapore (<Mumbai with one-family rule for >4 decades with total press censorship n virtually committed judiciary) or B’desh = Kolkata) or even Srilanka = TN) is therefore unfair n unacceptable…..

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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One thought on “Let’s agree to the facts about India’s performance and then look at the quality of the excuses #1
  1. Joyson Fernandes

    Size of the country or population, population density, climate, natural resources, colonial baggage, diversity, etc, are BOGUS excuses used by IGNORANT Indians to justify their failure as a country to provide even a modicum of decent standard of living to its citizens, while many other countries which were in a much worse situation in 1947, have long since overtaken India in prosperity and development.

    Like absolute losers, Indians refuse to take responsibility for their own failings, and love to point fingers at irrelevant things which are beyond their control.

    Those factors that he has mentioned have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with material prosperity. Average per-capita productivity of a citizen does. And average per-capita productivity is facilitated by good governance and a free-market economy. These factors make labour enormously productive, and accounts for the high levels of income that you find in developed countries.

    Democracy is not a hurdle if you have good systems in place to keep out demagogues and criminals. You need a good constitution for that, and proper systems in place to prevent corruption and ensure a high quality of governance. India has neither! Our constitution is socialist and governance systems are tailor-made for corruption and inefficiency. Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, etc, are even more democratic than India, and yet are almost corruption-free. So it’s clearly not democracy that is holding us back.

    Until Indians give up their adolescent destructive love-affair with socialism, own up to their failures as a people, and step forward to take charge of their country; India will continue to remain in a pathetic and miserable state. Unless and until that happens, expect the sorry state of affairs to continue, and the country’s continual rape by the so-called “public servants” who are entrusted with looking after it.


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