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Francois Gautier’s fake article on Nostradamus’s “prediction” about Modi

It is a sorry state of affairs when even Times of India starts publishing fakesters like Francois Gautier (Screenshot of Pratik Sinha’s expose here) . Fortunately, looks like TOI has removed the article.

However, I’m keeping it here – below – for the public record (screenshot here). (I obtained this version from google cache, since the cache will also disappear over time). The reason for this is clear: fraudsters like Francois Gautier should be publicly pinned down.

The situation is dire. Hindutva fanatics like Gautier specialise in falsehoods and entirely re-writing history. There are just too many examples of such fakery among the RSS/BJP clan.

Fortunately, the internet also helps pin down such fakery. Great work, Pratik Sinha – who is following in the excellent footsteps of his father by keeping these scamsters honest. [My only regret – and that’s why I’ve stopped engaging with Pratik: he is a socialist like his father – and doesn’t realise the great harm he does to India through this vicious ideology].

However, it is certain that this fake article will continue circulating on Whatsapp and other social media for the next 10 years. Such is the power of BJP’s IT cell.

[And note: “Within moments of the TOI article going up, other media outlets, including Zee News published the report. – Lies take on a life of their own these days. ]

ADDENDUM: Richard Fox calls Francois Gautier the Grandmaster of Fakery.

Nostradamus and India

March 28, 2017, 1:00 PM IST in Francois Gautier’s blog for TOI | Lifestyle | TOI

[Francois Gautier

François Gautier was political correspondent in South Asia for 10 years for Le Figaro, France’s largest daily. He is now the editor-in-chief of the Paris-based La Revue de l’Inde, published by Les Editions de l’Harmattan ( François has written several books on India: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a Guru of Joy (Hay House 2009), A History of India as it Happened (Har Anand, New Delhi, 2013), Apprendre à Souffler (Hachette Marabout, 2016). Francois practices basketball, jogging, cycling, tennis & badminton. Follow him on: Facebook/francoisgautierofficial]

Very few people know that Nostradamus, the famous French astrologer & doctor of the 16th century, who foresaw Hitler’s rise, the Iraq war, or the Wall Street collapse, made quite a few predictions about India, both in old French and Latin, the language of the learned of these days.

For instance, in his Quatrain N° III.3, he predicts the tsunami of 2000:

Mars & Mercure, & l’argent ioint ensemble,
Vers le Midy extreme ficcité:
Au fond d’Asie et des Indes, on dira terre tremble,
Et la mer se levera.

It’s the line Au fond d’Asie et des Indes on dira terre tremble which tells it all: “in the depth of Asia, and India, the earth will shake and the sea will rise.

He also prophesied the rise of the ISIS & Al Qaeda, as well as India’s suffering:

(Photo courtesy: Reuters)

En Arabie naîtra un roi puissant de la loi de Mahomet,
qui dominera l’Europe et par la discorde,
la négligence française S’ouvrira un passage à Mahomet (aux arabes)
et l’Inde souffrira moult

“In Arabia, a powerful Lord of Mahomet’s law will be born,
who will dominate Europe
France’s negligence will open the door to the Arabs
And India will suffer much”.

In 2012, French scholar and Nostradamus specialist, Bamprelle de la Rochefoucault, discovered in an old trunk bought two hundred euros to an antiques dealer, old manuscripts which have been analyzed and found to be of the 15th century. There are quite a few stanzas devoted to India, which is named here as Indicus in Latin and Indes in old French.

One of them relates to a possible Indo-Pakistani nuclear war:

XXIX : Le Griffon Indes se peut aprester
Pour à l’ennemy résister,
Et renforcer bien son armée,
Autrement l’Elephant viendra
Qui d’un abord le surprendra,
Six cens et huict, mer enflammée.

“The eagle India should get ready and reinforce its army,
Otherwise the Elephant (Pakistan) will surprise her
By putting to flame its people and the sea”

But did Nostradamus see the advent of the BJP and Narendra Modi? Apparently yes:  In his IV, 50 stanza, for instance, he predicts:

Deux mil quatorze verra regner les Hindoos,
De ciel & terre tenir la Monarchie,
D’Asie forces nul ne verra peries,

“Hindus will reign from 2014 onwards
They will rule heaven and earth
Nobody will resist them in Asia”

Nostradamus is even accurate about the name of the leader of the Hindus. This stanza is in Latin:

Indus supremus gudjaratus status natus est
Patrus Theus boutiqus, studium bonus est
Namusprimum narendus est

“The supreme leader of India will be born in the state of Gujarat
His father will sell tea in a shop
His first name will be narendus (Narendra)”

He goes on to foretell Narendra Modi’s career:

Tribus gudjaratus statum princeps est
Quae stillabunt optimum est
Honestus indicus est

“He will become three times leader of Gujarat state
Where business will be at its best
And honesty will reign”

Nostradamus seems to be speaking next about Sonia Gandhi:

Alba femina indicus supremus regnus est
Improbus eius regnum decem annum est
Autem impetus narandus facere

“A white woman will rule supreme on India
Dishonesty will spread for ten years
However Narendra will fight her”

He also seems to have a clear idea about the party of Narendra Modi:

Groupus indicus hindosus
Groupus populo indicus
Regum est vingiti unus saeculum

“The political group of the Hindus
will be called the Party of the Indian people (BJP)
it will dominate India in the 21st century”

Why is the Hindu power good for India? Nostradamus explains:

Hindosus universalus doctrinum est
Misericordia populo orbis
Deus diversitas est potestatem

“Hindus have a universal doctrine
They see God in the many
And they have compassion for all”

Then, Naostradamus goes on to enunciate the goals of Narendra Modi:

Avertat lex septuaginta
opera facto unum
aedificarem domum hindosus Ramus
vivificabit Kashmirum

“Remove Article 70
Institute a Common Civil code
Build a temple to the Hindu Ram
Preserve Kashmir”

But Nostradamus has a word of warning for Mr Modi:

Maledictus Hindosus coniuriato
Narendu idealus non dabo et Hindosus
Aliter perdet potestatem

“The curse of Hindus is betrayal
Thus Narendra should not betray his ideals
And the Hindus
Or he will lose power”

But if the BJP remains faithful to its initial goals and to Hindus, then, says the French seer:

“Grandus cognitio Hindosus
en mundo scio
et salvum facere Apocalypsus”

“The knowledge of the Hindus
will spread to the world
and save humanity from apocalypse”

Translated from the French and Latin by François Gautier

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