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A few points about Sarvesh Kaushal, my batchmate and Chief Secretary Panjab

Noting for the public record two points about Sarvesh, and that he should clarify these concerns publicly, ideally on this blog. (Sarvesh and I studied in DAV College Jullundur; he was my senior).

1. Taking a biased approach to elections

The Election Commission asked him to be relieved of all additional portfolios (including irrigation) given significant complaints about him. Election Commission’s letter below (I’ve removed the name of the signing officer from ECI).

From my understanding, he did NOT relinquish charge of Irrigation (this was from google cache today, since the main Panjab government website was not working):

I’d like to know how Sarvesh acquitted the ECI’s letter.

2. A reputation for corruption?

I’ve come across at least two very reliable sources (no, I do not – and will never – disclose my sources) who allege corruption by Sarvesh.

I’ve had such complaints about some other batchmates as well, but the ones from these two sources about Sarvesh are highly credible.

It would be good for Sarvesh to point me to his public disclosure of assets and to allay my concerns about these allegations.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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One thought on “A few points about Sarvesh Kaushal, my batchmate and Chief Secretary Panjab
  1. Joyson Fernandes

    Even if he discloses his assets and you find nothing out of the ordinary, it might not be his true worth. He may be holding most of his assets in benami through relatives or may have invested his money in other areas.


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