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So what does an alleged supporter of Ayn Rand (Jerry Johnson) have against SBP’s policies?

All through the past 20 years, I have come across numerous alleged supporters of liberty in India. I say “alleged” since they are hypocrites and liars. A good number of them support criminal Congress or criminal BJP. Many are boolickers of these corrupt socialists – their income comes from working for such criminal parties. Some run institutes that are funded by government dole. (And, of course, some jumped into the AAP bandwagon).

I won’t name all of them – there are too many of them. They bring great shame to India.

However, there was this recent obnoxious experience with a guy called Jerry Johnson that I do want to place on the public record. Such scamsters are busy billing themselves as promoters of liberty. They need to be pinned down for what they are.

The information below is self-explanatory.

It may also be noted that this alleged supporter of liberty works for one of India’s most corrupt businessmen – Ambani. Jerry effectively supports criminal organisations like BJP and socialists like Modi but apparently has differences with India’s ONLY ethical and classical liberal political party.

And when challenged to be specific, he keeps quiet. He libels India’s ONLY liberal party (including those who are working for it), but happily consorts with the criminals who are destroying India.

Such is the moral standing of such people. 

Ayn Rand would turn in her grave to be associated with such turncoats.






Sanjeev Sabhlok

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One thought on “So what does an alleged supporter of Ayn Rand (Jerry Johnson) have against SBP’s policies?
  1. Joyson Fernandes

    Like most liberals, Jerry Johnson is just a kind of guy who talks and blabbers profusely, but wouldn’t dream of becoming politically active ever. So when you asked him to join, he responded with a false libelous accusation. That’s just the kind of behavior one would expect from an extremely arrogant and morally corrupt scamster!

    Unfortunately, there is no shortage of such people in India. Such is the sad state of India! They are dime-a-dozen. They are so common in fact that if you were to take a stone and throw it at a dog, it would just bounce off the dog and hit one of these people.


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