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Does anyone have any comment regarding the name Swarna Bharat Party?

Some people are raising issues about this name. Happy to hear your view.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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13 thoughts on “Does anyone have any comment regarding the name Swarna Bharat Party?
  1. Joyson Fernandes

    It’s perfectly fine! I don’t see anything wrong with it.

    Swarna Bharat is the desired aspiration for India. Socialists may despise that name because they love poverty, corruption, and filth, but that’s their problem. They want India to remain a shit-hole, so their mental retardation does not make for a valid rationale. Most Indians would do almost anything to reach the level of affluence and prosperity that Australians and Swiss enjoy and take for granted.

    So yes Swarna Bharat is a great name and exactly what we should aspire for. Nothing less should do! The way I see it, if India is not the world’s richest, freest, and best-governed country, then there is no reason for it to remain a country at all.

  2. Rakesh Pujari

    Agree with Joyson’s comment above. Having said that, maybe we can establish a bit of context on the party website as to the reason why the party has been named as such, to make India a “Sone Ki Chidiya” once again, along with the other alternatives considered. If these reasons have already been explained, make it more prominent on the site.

  3. A fellow liberal

    I would have preferred “Liberal Party of India”, “Free democratic party of India”, “Party for liberty and freedom” or some similar name. An English name would have pan-india appeal, and could be easily translated into regional languages.
    Also, the idea of ‘Swarna Bharat’ can be mistaken for chauvinism. The nationalism that the party espouses should be a liberal kind of nationalism, not the xenophobic kind.

    Having said that, I don’t think that the name should be a big issue. It is the ideas that matter more rather than the name under which we come together.


    Swarna Bharath Party doesnt really give an idea what it is from the title.

    Like some one said, the Liberal Party of India is much better as people can easily identify what the party stands for.

  5. Sandeep Bhardwaj

    Agree with ‘A fellow Liberal’.
    The name tries to glorify a past that may or may not be relevant today but surely tries to invoke chauvinism, The right wing ideolouges have usrped it anyways
    Moreover the name should clearly indicate the core of the idea, which in this case is liberty and freedom.

  6. Raj Chatterjee

    I’d say “National Liberal Party”. It’s simple, clear, clean and confident. I do say that this may not only sound nicer, but the fact that it is in English makes it more easily grasped and understood by all Indians.

    I would strongly recommed adopting an English name for the least, if not the name I’d suggested per se.

  7. Raj Chatterjee

    And, obviously, the name can be titled in various regional languages like ‘Rashtriya Swantantra Dal’ or whatever else while campaigning through largely rural, illiterate lots. But the primary name of the party, in my view, might just be better off in English.

  8. Anto J

    As I hope “Liberal/ Freedom party of India” is reachable to all peoples in India than the name “Swarna Bharat Party”.

  9. Anugraha

    The manifesto, the aim and the ideology of the Swarna Bharat Party is the need of the country at this time. Sincere and generous efforts can bring in great things for the millions of our nation. Wish you all success and assure my prayers. God bless your efforts.

  10. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Thanks, Anubraha. Would appreciate your getting involved in the party’s development. There are just too few liberals in India and it is imperative that they come together.

  11. harsh aditya

    hii sir, I really appreciate your progressive views to make India a developed, rich nation….


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