One-stop shop to make India 20 times richer

The Panjab Chief Minister’s total misuse of government power to build a bus empire

In 1978 or 1979, Parkash Singh Badal, the then Chief Minister of Panjab, came to DAV College Jullundur on its 75th anniversary. I was the student with most awards in art and painting, and was asked by the Principal of the college to make a painting of his, based on a black and white photo that was given to me. That painting was presented by the college as a gift at the event.

That was long ago when I had no real clue about what goes on in administration and politics in India.

I’ve been out of Panjab for a very long time now, and have only sporadically visited Chandigarh since 1984 (as part of Haryana cadre till mid-1984, I frequently visited Chandigarh) either to attend an official event/training or to meet relatives, or on the way to Himachal Pradesh.

In 2012, I congratulated Badal on this blog.

That was a mistake. I should have known that Badal won’t be an exception to the rule that ALL Indian politicians are mega-corrupt.

Badal – who is now 89 year old and a chief minister again – for the past 10 years – has turned out to be a hopelessly corrupt man.

As proof, here are links to an investigative report on Badal’s misuse of government machinery to build a bus empire through his son (who is Deputy Chief Minister of Panjab).

THE TRIBUNE INVESTIGATION: PART-I: Badal-Kairon-Majithia clan’s growing biz empire

THE TRIBUNE INVESTIGATION: PART-II: Badal govt’s ‘power’ boost for Kairon companies

THE TRIBUNE INVESTIGATION: PART-III: Badal govt’s ‘energy’ link with the Majithias

THE TRIBUNE INVESTIGATION: PART-IV: Badal luxury bus fleet’s phenomenal growth continues

There is more: See

Unfortunately, my batchmate SS Channy is cited in one of these reports, defending the Badals.

I don’t know whether Channy is corrupt or honest, but even if he is honest, this is the kind of dishonesty that virtually everyone becomes part of – i.e. defending the corrupt politicians in public. That’s one reason why the IAS is an intolerable place to be.

(Channy is now Information Commissioner of Panjab)

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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