One-stop shop to make India 20 times richer

God save America

The Great Lump has spoken: “Protection will lead to great prosperity and strength.” [Source]

The Reason has torn to shreds this lunatic idea (see this).

The Fat Lump is following Indira Gandhi’s footsteps.

Now watch America implode.

Many months ago I had said Trump should read Bastiat. Obviously he is too full of himself. He knows all. God save America.

USA is in for deep, deep trouble. Any attempt at protectionism will decimate American productivity and destroy its wealth.


But that’s not all!

The Lump has also announced that: “radical Islamic terrorism” will be “eradicated completely from the face of the Earth”

This is beyond laughable. Pitiable.

Till the Quran exists, Islamic terrorism won’t be going anywhere. It has outlasted thousands of “leaders” for 1500 years. Only education will eradicate the Quran’s influence. Trump can do nothing about it.

And Robert Higgs has this to say:

Listening to Trump’s inaugural bombast earlier today, I kept thinking: What this guy is saying in so many words is simply, “ein volk, ein reich, ein führer.” And who knows? It has worked before. Maybe it will work for him this time. [Source]

One can only hope that the First Amendment will prevent A Lumpy Dictator in America.

Signs are not looking good. The Democrats were taking America downhill, one notch at a time. The Republicans are rushing towards mass collapse.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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