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“Black Lives Matter” is an ultra-racist group, like KKK, and its existence must be challenged


Criminals Tearing Down D.C. Statues Should Be Prosecuted. Here Are the Laws They’re Violating.


In a day and age when everyone should know that the idea of race is the purest form of nonsense, it is grossly incorrect for an organisation to distinguish between humans on the basis of the colour of their skin.

I’ve written extensively about the idea of “race” being an utterly stupid idea, e.g. here. It is clear that “Black Lives Matter” is an ultra-racist organisation, just like KKK. Both use skin colour to distinguish between humans. Only dunces do that.

We must condemn all kinds of race distinctions between our SINGLE human species. The key is that freedom and accountability must prevail for all humans.

Black Lives Matter is ‘inherently racist’ says Rudy Giuliani who suggests black parents ‘teach your children to be respectful to the police’.

See my comment on FB here:

I disapprove of the words “black” or “white” since these words display deep ignorance about the fundamental biological unity of the human species. However, I notice that the point that I made yesterday on my blog has also been made by others, that the BLM movement is racist (and misdirected).

Btw, there is very strong evidence that minimum wage laws have destroyed opportunities for many young “black” people. If the US wants to ensure equal opportunity for all its citizens, it must abolish the minimum wage – and affirmative action. Let people be treated absolutely equally under the law, and let everyone work his/her way through to success.

“There’s too much violence in the black community,” he said. “A black will die 1% or less at the hands of the police and 99% of the hands of a civilian, most often another black.”

“When you say black lives matter, that’s inherently racist,” he later added. “Black lives matter. White lives matter. Asian lives matter. Hispanic lives matter. That’s anti-American and it’s racist.”

NOTE: I’m not justifying ANY police killing of innocents, and have clearly suggested ways out of that problem on my blog. The first test is that anyone who thinks they are “white” or “black” should be excluded from the police force. Only those who think of themselves purely as **humans** should be recruited.

Black Lives Matter Founder Is On FBI’s Most Wanted List

Black El Paso Police Chief: BLM Is A ‘Radical Hate Group’

FURTHER, my comment on FB:


“on the most extreme use of force – officer-involved shootings – we are unable to detect any racial differences in either the raw data or when accounting for controls”

A further comment I made on the above FB post:

I came across an article in which one of the leaders of the police in the USA (and this leader is “black”, if you wish), believes Obama has inflamed the situation over the years, instead of taking an approach based on the rule of law.

This is political madness from the extreme left, and the Democrats are using it to gain back their constituency. I understand that 95 per cent of the “blacks” voted for Obama last time, but that nearly 25 per cent of them will vote for Trump this time. So the Democrats are actively supporting this radical, violent and extremist group.


Minimum wages are a MAJOR cause of “black” poverty in the USA.
When employers are forced to increase wages for unskilled persons, they may start profiling people racially, with the “blacks” being the first to get knocked out of a job.





Sanjeev Sabhlok

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5 thoughts on ““Black Lives Matter” is an ultra-racist group, like KKK, and its existence must be challenged
  1. Anil Sharma

    I do not know much about the “Black Lives Matter” organisation itself; but how is it being racist to protest selective killings of blacks as is the case in point?

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok


    The very title is racist, and pits “black” skin vs. “white” skin. It is a collectivist idea that has nothing to do with the behaviour of specific individuals. ALL collectivist ideas lead to **generalised hatred** for other groups, and in almost all cases, some such haters will engage in the murder of the innocents.

    Classical liberals talk about the freedom being applicable to *all** humans, not to specific groups. The state must defend all lives, not just the lives of “blacks” or “whites”.

    The problem of perceived bias/hatred by “white” police against “blacks” (I use inverted commas, since there is NO scientific category called “white” or “black”) needs to be dealt with through the laws, through systems (e.g. testing for bias at the time of recruitment, e.g. no one who thinks that there is any difference between people on the basis of skin colour should be recruited), through monitoring (e.g. cameras to watch the behaviour of the police).

    It is not possible to fix this issue by joining an organisation that hates all “whites”.

    The appropriate way is (as Steve Goddard’s tweet says) to start an “All Lives Matter” organisation – and one which focuses on the rule of law.

    “These officers risk their lives for $40,000 a year. $40,000 a year,” he said. “And this is not sustainable, not to support these people. “We’re not perfect. There’s cops that don’t need to be cops. I have been the first to say, we need to separate employment with those types of cops — 1% or 2%. The 98% or 99% of cops come to work, do this job, come to work for 40 grand. It’s not sustainable.” –

    I agree. The police in the USA can do more to identify and remove from employment the 1 to 2 per cent who are racist. But for an organisation to spread such hatred that its members want to start killing all “white” policemen should be condemned without ambiguity. No ifs and buts here.

  3. Keith Bass

    Hi, help me understand your point of view,

    The dictionary definition of racism, is the false belief that one race is superior to another

    You describe BLM as “an organisation that hates all “whites”.also you say ” the organisation spreads such hatred that its members want to start killing all “white” policemen

    Where is your evidence of this? I have reviewed their websites and cannot find anything to corroborate these claims. Why are white people joining BLM protests, if it is a white hating movement?

    I have heard others make the same claims, and am asking them for evidence also.

    I like your point on us all being identified as Humans, equal but still able to celebrate our diverse cultures.

    I live in the UK, BLM protesters white and black standing shoulder to shoulder here. They are protesting and raising awareness of persecution of black people by the police.

    I think, Black Lives Also Matter, would perhaps be a better name for the movement.

    Keith Bass

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    BLM is a bunch of looters and thieves, the scum of the earth – pretending to fight for equality, while pocketing the hard earned money of others and destroying property. Despicable.

    No match for the real fighters like Martin Luther King. He would have put these goondas in their place.

    And yes, a bunch of confused lefties have joined these scoundrels.

  5. Gerard Delaney

    Absolutely agree with everything on here. But as people say my opinion means nothing due to my white privilege


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