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“The biggest political murder in the country”. The urgent need to reopen the murder case of Haren Pandya which took place under Modi’s nose.

I’ve read Rana Ayyub’s book, Gujarat Files. She provides phenomenal corroborative evidence against Modi and his gang of criminals.

Let me first review Haren Pandya’s case.

I’ve dealt with Pandya on a number of blog posts, e.g.

The facts of the case have been brought out at great length by Rana Ayyub. There is absolutely no doubt that Haren had been killed somewhere else and his body brought to the Law Gardens of Ahmedabad in the car in which he purportedly was shot.

This is some more background regarding his murder (some of this has been cited in Ayyub’s book).

Key points:

Any man shot through his scrotum, as Pandya was, is going to bleed profusely; the scrotum is an intricate web of blood vessels that control body temperature. Did Pandya bleed? Yes. Are there traces in the car? No. Pandya was shot through his scrotum, his neck, twice through his chest, once through his arm. The car should have been drenched, or at least his seat should have been. Yet forensic reports find no evidence of blood in the vehicle, save for a dab on the front passenger seat and another on the key chain (Central Forensic Sciences Laboratory report no. CFSL-2003/F-0232).

Forensic reports also do not record any gunshot residue inside Pandya’s car (report of Mobile Forensic Science Laboratory, Gujarat State). Five bullets, if not more, were fired into him, apparently while he sat in the car. Yet no bullet residue? [Source]

Now, YA Shaikh, the sub-inspector who conducted initial investigations into the Haren Pandya murder was “stung” by Rana Ayyub.

The information he provides solidly supports the allegation that many have made, including Haren Pandya’s father, that Modi was personally behind this murder.

Note that Haren Pandya was himself a communal field; no ideal hero was he.

But Modi did not (assuming that he did – if the allegations and circumstantial evidence is true) kill him because of that. There were direct political reasons. Among them, that Haren had been telling the truth about the 2002 riots.

She explained that her husband had deposed before the VR Krishna Iyer-led citizens’ inquiry into the Gujarat genocide of 2002. It was a secretly arranged deposition, but she believed Modi had found out about it. [Rana Ayyub’s book]

But also that Pandya was a political competitor.

Anyway, here’s what Shaikh said during the sting:

You know this Haren Pandya case is like a volcano. Once the truth is out, Modi will go home. He will be jailed, not go home. He will be in prison.

Rana Ayyub asks:

Q) So are you saying that Tarun Barot, Chudasama and Vanzara were complicit in this?

Shaikh responds:

A) Yes. Kanhiayya just narrated that he was going in a car and he saw Haren Pandya lying in a car. Sushil Gupta the CBI officer approved the concoted story of the Gujarat police. Gupta resigned from the CBI, he is now a lawyer with the SC. He’s on the payroll of Reliance. Ask him why did he resign from the CBI. He sits in the Supreme Court. Meet him.

A) Everybody was involved. It was at Advani’s behest that the case was handed over to the CBI. Because he was Narendra Modi’s mentor. So to clear him, I mean, people will not buy the story of the local police but they will buy the story of CBI

Further Q by Ayyub: Whose role was there? Barot or Vanzara?

A) All three. Barot was somewhere else and Chudasama was brought on deputation. They had got Chudasama. He works for the government.

I think this is such strong corroborative evidence that the whole case should be reopened.

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