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Modi – the king of corruption – trying to fool Indians about a fraudulent “crackdown” on corruption

Modi has allegedly “cracked down” on corruption (Source).

No bigger joke than this on the Indian people.

There has been NO system wide governance reform. Modi doesn’t even know anything about reform. He is running socialist UPA3 and creating even greater divisiveness among the people than India has seen before. Rampant killings and lynching of innocents in his regime on grounds of meat eating and other imagined or real hatreds.

Modi himself – PERSONALLY – is the king of corruption. His party is the world’s most corrupt political party.

I had wagered with Modi that he will fail to eliminate corruption. I had wagered a very specific thing: corruption in real estate: An open wager with Narendra Modi: Remove corruption and get true value declared in real estate and I’ll pay you Rs. 1 lakh

The wager stands.

Indians are being taken for a BIG RIDE by this devious man.

Without a radical reform of the governance system, forget about any reduction – leave alone elimination – of corruption.

You are so easy to fool, Indians. It is quite amazing how you are willing to be taken for a ride by every socialist politician.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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8 thoughts on “Modi – the king of corruption – trying to fool Indians about a fraudulent “crackdown” on corruption
  1. John Mcaree

    India is in deep trouble if Modi stays around much longer, he not only wants all of India’s gold under ‘government’ controlled banks but he now wants all their money to !!!
    This would lead to a phasing out of CASH and usher in contactless payment systems, its only a matter of time before he can then mandate that a person can spend a maximum of 30 Rupees a day as that is the most an ‘honest man’ would have and then the banks charge a processing fee for each transaction – another TAX !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He is a real MAJOR LEAGUE FcUKER !!!!!!!!!

  2. Sinoj

    Narendra Modi was a corporate, is a corporate, will be corporate and BJP ,RSS are part of corporates dogs. They came in rule in the name of Hindu and they killed Hindus for an animal. They treat human below the animals and engage in campaign for corporates development. Their whole policy is for corporates, they cheat us. They are not for Hindu and not for our people. They can separate indian in the name of religion and making us fool. We expected a lot when Modi got power but he is a failure, a big failure.

  3. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I agree that Modi is a crony capitalist of the highest order. But I disagree that a PM of India must be either for or against any religion. He/she must be simply a servant of the Constitution and enforce the rule of law.

    Yes, Modi has been a colossal failure – but why is anyone surprised?

  4. Ankush Sharma

    We should stop discussing and analyzing politicians like modi, rahul gandhi, kejriwaal, or any political parties because lets face it we were slaves for centuries and we still are . all the political parties never think of welfare of the country they are for an elite group and for their own sake because these are the 2 conditions you must fulfill to be a major league politician, no common man or an honest man can climb the ladder to major power because he wont be allowed to , such is the foundation and the setup of our system. So next time you hear a big leader talking about black money, women empowerment , punishing the corrupt, dont listen or dont raise any hope atleast for he is emotionally blackmailing you and all of us because
    are emotional fools.

  5. Soumya Datta

    I donot accept what other peoples are saying and i think Modi is the only honest leader because he said that it is the first step and not the last step. Moreover, some persons are speaking in a lunatic manner that their money is not with them. But the fact is that their money is with them but it is in a cashless manner . You can use paytm, mobile banking,card swipe,cheque,draft etc .Actually the style of payment is changing. Some idiots are also claiming that modi will limit the use of Rs30 per day and my question to them is that are they astrologers that they are telling this is going to happen

  6. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I won’t go into the rest of your post but will touch upon your point: “HOW CAN U GIVE BRIBE OR FURTHER SEND YOUR MONEY TO FOREIGN BANKS TO SAVE TAX ILLEGALLY WHEN ECONOMY IS CASHLESS”.

    Well, please note that cash is not valuable, only the underlying commodity which it can buy, is.

    People have long given bribes in terms of commodities: e.g. admission to a school, furniture, subsidised sale of land, alcohol, costly watches and gifts, etc. Bribing can NEVER be stopped through Modi’s kooky and harebrained schemes.

    Regarding sending money to foreign banks, etc. – you seem to be ignorant of the hawala market. There is a HUGE alternative marketplace for foreign exchange and transfer of value across countries. Only FOOLS ever transferred funds illegally abroad using cash. There were no such fools. Similarly, all kinds of intermediary markets exist and will continue to come into being.

    Ask Modi how does BJP manage to bribe voters with cash during elections. The man is sitting on a HUGE pile of black money. Don’t keep your eyes shut. Not a good way to think about public policy.

  7. Foreseeing the Future


    I’m stunned beyond words after reading Sowmya Datta’s garbled commentary claiming Modi is an honest leader! That there are people still supporting his insanity (sorry, can’t call it stupidity, not fair) is enough proof of how gullible (some) Indians really are! I suppose the horrors of Demonetization haven’t reached him/her yet, but when it does, and it most certainly will, s/he will be the first to run!

    Dr. Sabhlok, what you say regarding black money is 100% true. I’d also like to add my observations from my readings: Cash is the symbol of trust in an economy. Without hard cash, there’s no liquidity. Moreover, going 100% cashless is suicidal, given our kind of adversaries. Now Pakistan/Bangladesh don’t need to spend time and resources to print fake currencies, they can just launch a massive DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack from the convenience of their homes! And this doesn’t need ISI nor DGFI, a radicalized citizen is more than enough can do as much damage if not more than them now, if the way PayTM for instance works is any indicator! If anything, this has left India totally vulnerable to plunder and loot, not just by the mainstream political class, but by foreign adversaries!

    This also reduces the enemy’s costs of waging an actual war! They can simply initiate an attack that paralyzes the Internet over a wide range in India! Imagine India is a “Cashless Utopia” with very little money. Where will the country go for resources? They can just launch a DDoS attack and send in a handful of armed (with sophisticated weapons) and trained terrorists to win the war, the Pakistan Army for instance doesn’t need to move much muscle! If in doubt, please refer to the attacks on the Indian Army bases at Gurdaspur, Pathankot, Uri, Nagrota and Sopore! IT’S NOT THE MATTER OF HOW MANY WEAPONS WE MIGHT HAVE AT OUR DISPOSAL, WITHOUT HARD CASH OR MOBILE/FLUID RESOURCES TO PROCURE/UTILIZE THEM, WE’RE AS GOOD AS LOST! This was exactly how Russia lost to Japan in 1907. The Russians didn’t have enough money to extract their enormous oil resources nor weapons, and the Japanese trounced them!

    How many hackers are employed by the Chinese govt? More than 125,000! How many hackers are employed by the Indian govt? A mere 550! And this was somewhere in 2014! The Chinese DO NOT need to mobilize their PLA, a DDoS from anywhere in China is enough to bring the whole country to its knees. Because without adequate hard resources, what use is anything else?

    Chinese military spending: Maybe a few hundred US dollars?
    Loss to India: A HUGE share of the economy itself.

    Let’s come back to times of peace. What Sowmya Datta conveniently neglects is the hardships we in Chennai faced 2 weeks ago due to Cyclone Vardah! With no functional networks, no cash in ATMs, and absolutely no power nor Internet, what’s the use of “cashless economy” or “Digital India” or any other harebrained scheme announced by this dumb government, which anyway won’t go beyond mere sloganeering?

    And another thing s/he ignores is, black money hoarders DON’T keep them in high denomination hard cash underneath their beds, they translate them into gold, bitcoins, solver, platinum, diamonds, land, property, and even stable foreign currencies! ONLY the totally brain dead who keep hard cash in piles get caught and ruffed up while the vast majority will easily slip through.

    Oh, and to demystify Sowmya Datta:


  8. Chanakya Upadhyay

    Lets face it. Indians in general are
    – bereft of any critical thinking,
    – are burdened with loads of prejudices and biases,
    – are compromised morally to support selfish and short term gains
    – still under the spell of ‘jamindari’ system, which has morphed into modern society in other ways.

    Of course there are exceptions in every group, village, colony and institutions. However, given what we are as a majority; politics, leaders, policies, social environment and even businesses will continue being hopeless for foreseeable future. Even though never desirable; a big shake-up such as a long civil war, a nationwide natural calamity or third world war may change the people.