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All religions (all 100,000 of them) started as hallucinations of mentally sick people. Only dunces or dupes believe in religious texts today.

One fine day, not very far away now, religion will die. All religion – without a single exception.

Only the mentally sick and the dunces or the dupes still believe that religious texts are “true”.

But the question arises: how did these delusional texts become so powerful?

Initially, when man, the highly evolved monkey, became self-aware, he started asking questions about his origin. The mentally sick monkeys amongst us had some hallucinations about something they call “god”. That’s all a trick of a sick brain. (While “god” may well exist – there’s no way known to us to prove it; but anyone who has “sighted” or “spoken” with “god” or the “angels” was mentally sick, 100 per cent). Other mentally sick monkeys then decided to “believe” the other monkeys’ hallucination, without having seen it themselves.

There are over 100,000 different documented types of monkey hallucinations (religions).

Sooner or later, a “leader” monkey (i.e. king) was born who was either mentally sick or who – rationally – wanted to take advantage of a religious hallucination in order to gain personal power. And then that hallucination took off, it became “embedded” in society through the use of the leader monkey’s force.

Some of these hallucinations have now gone on for thousands of years because people were afraid to annoy the leader monkey (king).

But most children are born rational, even today. Society can’t operate if everyone hallucinates. These non-sick people always ask (when they are small) about proof. They ask: WHO in his right mind can possibly believe in these hallucinatory texts.

Hallucinations are flimsy imaginations that disappear through the sunlight of reason, through questioning. The thing (religion) is so pathetically weak in its foundations, it ALWAYS dissolves into thin air the moment people ask questions.

Religion therefore has NO HOPE. ALL children (excluding those who become mentally sick sometime in their life) will sooner or later reject it.

Islam is harder to kill, since it uses EXTREME FORCE to prevent people from leaving. But it, too, will ultimately die.

The day all people are liberated from religion, we can start living like humans for the first time, not like mentally sick monkeys.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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