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The “Brahmin” hero, Parag Chakraborty – my, my, what a great man!

A man committed to trumpeting own greatness – as a “Brahmin” – by name of Parag Chakraborty, came to one of my blog posts the other day and put out some of the most amazing comments I’ve received on my blog:

Comment 1

One first class typical low IQ Indian has created this blog and typical low IQ low caste people have commented.

Hey Ganesh:You idiot Bengali Brahmins with 2 million population have already produced 3 Nobel prize worthy work from India.Tagore,IVF pioneer Subhas Mukhopadhyay,Amartya Sen.

In USA Bengali Brahmins have 5000 population and from that population we have 1200+ patents which is best stat in the world.In USA we have also won 14 grammy awards(Ravishankar and his daughter Nora Jones),2 Pulitzer winners and one of the greatest microbiologist dr Anandamohan Chakraborty.

In 2012 Ashoke Sen working in India won world’s richest scientific prize $3M-Milner prize.

So don’t comment about your superior MASTER Bengali Brahmin and stay under our feet.

Comment 2

Oh Idiot! Among 1200+ patents in USA,our family has 330+ patents.

Google this name:Inventor Arpan Chakraborty.At age of 32 he(my cousin) has 190 patents.He will go down one of the greatest inventor of all time.My uncle inventor Amit Chakraborty has 113 patents and I have 48 patents at age of 26.

Read this blog-Indian/Chinese IQ puzzle(comments 949-981).I wrote about it there and since then whole world follow us on twitter.

We are not third rate Brahmin as you first class idiot have commented,but we are best in the world.Now be jealous of your superior MASTER.

He then took my bait [see this] and provided some of his details. I now have a bit of a profile about him.

Worth discussing briefly, and placing this on the public record.

I do so not out of malice, but out of pity. For him. For his pathetically weak sense of self-worth, for his need to have his “accomplishments” praised, for his need to attribute his accomplishments to “Brahminhood”, and for his comprehensive failure to analyse society or economy or to even understand what I wrote on my blog post.

A sad case, to be much pitied.


His nickname is Sampan. A graduate of Pune University, he currently lives in Sunnyvale [probably one of these places].

His Linkedin profile: [Screenshot]

His F6S profile:

His patents:

His twitter account: [Also this, which he “jointly” operates:]

His blog:

His google page:


This is the screenshot:

sampan chakraborty

I’m sure there is some convoluted argument by which 8 (eight) followers translate into “several” millions.

But that’s not the point. The point to note is that someone cares so much that a large number of people “follow” him, that he makes that the key qualifier of his profile.

I have a suspicion the man failed to compete with his peers in standard, well-regarded approaches in his field (e.g. IIT entrance exam?) and has made it his life’s mission to chrun out petty patents on every topic under the sun, and to boast about his being “Brahmin”, in order to prove his “greatness”.

Note also the account: which he jointly operates with his “inventive” family. [Science geeks@bosemicrowave. Account run by Sampan Chakraborty & 3 of world’s most prolific inventors. Arpan Chakraborty (192 patents), Amit Chakraborty(114 patents), Sambit(48 patents).]

He has set up two accounts: One account praises his other account (i.e. himself!)



A man much to be pitied.

I encourage him to not feel so inferior. He has tried to rise from the pathetic socialist education system of India and has moved to the USA where anyone who puts in some effort can do well.

I wish him well in his future endeavours.

In particular, I recommend he try to understand basic economics and political philosophy (and biology). Doing so will show him why some countries succeed, and others don’t. America doesn’t have “Brahmins”, but the average American has produced wonderful stuff, including innovations in every field of life.

What matters, dear Sampan, is FREEDOM. When you’ve understood that, your fever about your greatness, or the greatness of “Brahmins” will disappear.

In relation to “Brahmins”, I hereby anoint all Dalits as Brahmins. And I challenge anyone to oppose me. These ignorant fool “Brahmins” have made India the socialist hell hole it is. The filthtiest place in the world. The poorest place in the world. These fools don’t understood the basics of economics or governance and flee to live in the West, since they can’t do anythign about their own country.

The only Indian in pre-Independence India who understood economics was Ambedkar, the man they oppressed and ridiculed.

And they try to tell others they are “superior”. Such fools are to be deeply pitied. They know not, AND CAN’T KNOW what they don’t know.

I encourage Sampan to abandon religion, which is the most false and spurious idea ever invented. Sampan, if you understand even the BASICS of science, you’ll give up the nonsense of religion. The fact that you don’t, says it all.

Unfortunately, some people may be fundamentally ill-equipped to understand. Understanding economics, political philosophy and biology is not for everyone.

But I encourage you to do whatever little you can, with the equipment you have been born with.


This offensive fool Parag has now started using vulgar gutter language that suits his low IQ. I have a rule I don’t publish such rubbish, but in this case I’m retaining an image file of his comment for the record.


Sampan Chakraborty, Parag Chakraborty, Arpan Charkraborty, @bosemicrowave, @cultofcreations

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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21 thoughts on “The “Brahmin” hero, Parag Chakraborty – my, my, what a great man!
  1. rajaram paranjpe

    In America the only famous Brahmin is ” American Brahman ” a hybreed variey of a cow / bull.

  2. Radhakrishna Lambu

    We don’t need this tag now. Biggest question is, despite the presence of so called ‘SUPERIOR BRAHMANS’ on this land, still many invasions happened? So these are not VEDIC BRAHMANS. And on doing great in USA, anyone can do well there, as their society is well developed. He should have talked these things if he had done these things in India.

  3. Sourabh

    I am a bengali bramhin. And after doing a quick google search of this guy, I have come to this conclusion – if this an example of bengali bramhins, it would be better if we had all gone extinct.

    To talk about caste in 2016, is not only shameful, but also stupid. In a post on Quora where he has named himself as one of the greatest bengalis of all time, he quite nicely advertises his ignorance and lack of sense.

  4. Parag

    Hey Sourabh you delusional fool,I’m Parag chakraborty to reply you.First of all my guess is that you are not even Brahmin;may be 50% Brahmin or quarter Brahmin.

    Second(Do you have any education at all?)

    Caste is an improper word.The proper word should be gene.Bengali Brahmins are genetically different from other Brahmins such as Tamil Brahmin,UP Brahmin,Punjabi Brahmin etc.Similarly Bengali Brahmins are genetically different from Bengali non Brahmin Hindu or Muslim Bengali.

    First complete your education,then talk.But again you are a pie nut who can comment only this kind of blog.Do you have any Global connection?If not then meet me and I will teach you difference between gene and caste.

    Infact this blogger who claims himself not upper caste is lot smarter than you although he also does not understand difference between gene and caste.

  5. RAVI

    Hey Parag, scientifically can you prove that you are 100% Brahmin and not 50% or Quarter LOL!!! You three brothers boast of 330+ patents , lets get 4-5 more dude. Do some analysis of your genes and come with the facts proving you are 100% Bengali Brahmin. You guys have got actual talent brother. Infact once you achieve the process of genetic research, then you can also start a CERTIFICATION process. People from all over world will connect with you for getting CERTIFIED 100% BENGALI BRHAMIN !!! Good idea right. Now get on work and yes don’t forget to give me credits for suggesting such a good idea once you achieve it. All the best.

  6. Parag

    Reply to Ravi:

    Yes I am 100% Brahmin because both my parents are also 100% Brahmin.I said 50% or 25% to Sourabh because most of the Brahmins in Bengal are marrying non Brahmins today.This inter caste marriage is creating bunch of low IQ hybrid Brahmins.

    Next in USA Bengali Brahmins have less than 10K population and we have won 14 grammy,2 pulitzer,1 Nobel,and one Nobel laureate plaque winner in Chemistry(Anirban Banerjee).

    We also have more than 1000 inventors in USA which is best in the world in terms of population(even better than Ashkenaji Jewish).

    But here I talked about only our family:Arpan Chakraborty,Amit Chakraborty,me and Ayan Banerjee.Together 4 of us currently have around 350+ patents granted in our name.If you talk about all Bengali Brahmin inventors in USA,then we have more than 50K patents.

    You can search Bengali Brahmin inventors name in google by giving surnames and cities in USA.

    For example in California you can search as: Chakraborty Ca patent.Banerjee Ca patent,Mukherjee Ca patent etc.

    Similarly in New Jersy you can search:Chakraborty NJ patent.

    There are more than 15 Bengali Brahmin surnames and you can search city wise in USA.Google has all data.

  7. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Patenting is a fool’s errand. What have you or any “brahmin” produced? And your state – Bengal – remains the world’s poorest and worst place to live.

  8. Parag

    Bengali Kulin Brahmins are doing even better than Ashkenaji Jewish of USA.

    In Kolkata we have around 50K-100K population and we have produced 2 Nobel breakthroughs in Tagore and test tube baby pioneer Subhas Mukherjee who died in 1981 and hence missed Nobel.Then there was Sir U.N Bramhachari who missed Nobel although he saved millions of lives.These 3 persons are Kulin Brahmin with such tiny population.

    New York’s jewish have won 36 Nobel prize with 1.6 million population.So Kolkata’s Kulin Brahmins are doing better than Ny Jewish.

    Take a look at your primitive low 82 IQ India.According to BBC 800 millions Indian defecate openly.Apart from Kolkata,no other Indian city till date has produced any famous Nobel prize worthy candidate in India.

    So take a look your poor,malnoursihed filthy,uneducated India first,then come to talk with your Superior master Bengali Brahmin.

  9. Parag

    Take a look of Kolkata’s famous personalities:

    Ronald Ross
    Sir J.C Bose
    S.N Bose,
    C.V Raman(he is Tamil Brahmin though)
    Sir U.N Bramhachari
    Test tube baby pioneer Subhas Mukherjee(Nobel in 2010 after his death)
    Amartya Sen
    Ashoke Sen
    Satyajit Ray
    Sitarist Ravishankar

    And the greatest of them all Swami Vivekananda.

    Your 1.3 billion primitive dumb Indian will take another 1000 years to produce these names.

  10. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Parag, you’re a funny man and amuse me significantly. I think you’d benefit from learning a bit of science – and economics (e.g. **not** Sen!).

  11. Raj Chatterjee

    Hey Parag, it’s what’s on the inside that matters, not the outside. These rote-learnt patents will go all but extinct in a decade two, but the racism you’ve displayed is something you’d surely have to pay for in the end of it all.

  12. Parag

    @Sabhlok-Kolkata comes at 3rd place in India in terms of GDP and per capita income of Bengali Brahmins are lot higher than average of India.More than 10 times higher.As a matter of fact some of the inventors I have taken name are multi million dollars guy.


    Yes I have done bit of racism because it’s called tit for tat.This guy Sabhlok came to mess with us and I delivered.And all comments are not made by me.Sampan and Arpan Chakraborty also commeted in past.

    And you are an idiot.Patents never go extinct.Thomas Edison,Nikola Tesla,Steve Jobs have all died.But their patents are still available in internet,wikipedia,Justia patents etc.First you make one patent,then come here to talk with me.

  13. Joyson Fernandes

    Parag, why are you talking shit against India? Aren’t you Indian yourself? No love for your country?

  14. shishir

    Sanjeev, probably you did a good job in digging up his issues. He is not worth the time (seriously! I spent sometime reading this page!) and his family might have already rejected him for making them this proud (or maybe, his whole family is making all bengalis (specifically brahmins) this ashamed — don’t care much about it though). In 50 years, computer brains are coming for real to challenge human brains. Just to see this level of intellect?
    On a practical note, you need a spam blocker to identify his abuse pattern and just ignore him. Alternatively, a police complaint against him for doing racism can potentially help him to socialize too. Pointer to his employer citing his did and then enlightening them of abusing their patent attorneys time (by filing patents to increase his “number” than adding technical value) can help too.

  15. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Note: Parag put in a foul gutter language comment and I do not publish such things. I have, however, for the record, put an image file of that comment at the bottom of the main post.

  16. Niharika

    I found this man on Quora today after I watched the movie Antarjali Yatra (1987) and wondered about archaic Kulin Brahmin practices. It saddens me to see such delusional, narcissistic maglomaniacs amidst us, their education wasted upon them. He boasts about his high IQ but I’m sure his EQ is seriously lacking.

  17. Anonymous

    The guy is the weirdest person I’ve seen on the internet. Like ever.

    His name isn’t even Parag. He was taking someone else’s identity.

    I’ve seen comments of his from 2013. What kind of an angry retard spends 7 years arguing about IQ of his caste?

    Even now that’s the only thing he tweets about. Who feeds this guy? He’s definitely not employable.

  18. Debashis

    But rabindranath not granted by kulin as he is pirali Brahmin…tagore family suffered and hackled by kulins …as kulin always speak they are big then Christian or Western people learnt them a lesson to so low that not only sacrifices but also suck them in there population .in America 2 percentage Indians very very low…white people don’t claim them as Brahmin but path of christian only we follow …and depend heavily on them ..

  19. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I’ve approved this comment hoping that someone will understand what you’re saying. I couldn’t get your point.

  20. DebNath

    Rabindranath was basically a kulin by root but you are talking like great Aryan blood theory!(kulin is nothing compared to this theory! )..Aryan is a part of caucasian blood that’s why you can mix with them easily in Europe /usa.distinguishing between Aryan makes You in weak position (as Brahmin don’t exist if rajput/kshtriya don’t exist in past ,today half of total Brahmin,kstriya Don’t exist if benia/baishya not exist).so who is big?in changing world it’s ok if you got good brain from ‘heredity’ but mind it, it is a rat race of competition from ancient time ,it’s brain work or other work,it’s WORK/worker .in Christian country I think maximum population got Brahmin like qualities like dominance. you see higher caste success story apart from ‘kulin ‘only.i am a rudraja Brahmin community person but I belive if Christian don’t come , brahminical IQ not encouraged by Islamic thought process towards’ kafer ‘.So when other indians try to become investor class in great no then try to become scientist in great no is good thing but not that’s it at all,as bussiness and system of protection also necessary to nurture anything.dont forget invention don’t come in last 1000 years by kulin ,why?but in ancient India it’s quite common from BC to 1200 AD.sadly kulin is a baised term given by Ballal sena/sen (a South indian- karnat present day Karnataka) .if you study historians book then you can found out this is also a political process like oiling …some Brahmin give good oil they get degree others not.ballal sen maximum time spends time with many of his wives,he did not war in his life ,as he fun from life his dialect he order kulin to marry what there mind demands,one good aspect of kulin Brahmin is that they can marry many girl.thats why you can find light black Brahmin in kulin also in anuloma /pratiloma marraige light example of b.sen that in 55 or 60 years of his age when he desire to marry a ‘Dom’ married women,Brahmin who supports it of 36 gotra he give them also kulin !(as per historian Haraprosad Sastri).before that also he was doing this type of sexual thing and throw degree certificates question is a degree certificates from such type of person in 1100 -1200 AD proves what genetic code?for which you always demands big certificate!if you tell only that indian upper class or caste or only Brahmin then also we can analyse it but do you think brahminical theory starts from 1000 AD only ?and before that identification process is such that only kulin can invent only or after that in thousand years we live in kulin only brahminical sense!pardon me if I am wrong- a yogi nath.

  21. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I’ve no idea what this man Debnath is talking about but have published this comment as illustration of the kind of convolutions of the brain that lead to such nonsense.


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