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SBP commends Supreme Court’s initiative to re-examine same-sex relationship

Copying below a press release issued today by Swarna Bharat Party. Please share this widely.

National Press Release – to be released across India
4 February 2016 – for immediate release

SBP commends Supreme Court’s initiative to re-examine same-sex relationship

Swarna Bharat Party, India’s only liberal party, commends the Supreme Court’s decision to re-examine the question of same-sex relationship and hopes the Constitutional Bench will quash Section 377 of the IPC which criminalises homosexuality.

SBP president Vishal Singh said in a press note that this provision violates the principle of equality and liberty guaranteed to every citizen by India’s constitution.

From the scientific perspective, homosexuality has long been proven to have a significant biological (i.e. genetic) component. Criminalising homosexuality is a throwback to the time when ignorant prejudice ruled the world.

In 2013, the Supreme Court upheld this obnoxious section of the IPC. The party believes that was an inappropriate decision. A government can have no role in people’s bedrooms in matters of consensual sex. Section 377 is a direct assault on citizens’ liberty and privacy. Such a perspective on human behaviour is inappropriate in a day and age when India must actively promote the scientific attitude so it can prosper on the foundations of scientific knowledge.

Mr. Singh further said that SBP stands firmly on the side of activists who have fought to decriminalize gay sex. SBP hopes the Supreme Court will soon hear the curative petition and determine to abolish this blight on human dignity and liberty.

Mr. Vishal Singh also outlined the party’s position on an important related issue. Gay couples that wish to live together in a marriage-like relationship, should legally be able to do so. It may be inappropriate, however, to term such a relationship as ‘marriage’, to distinguish it from traditional heterosexual marriage.

Mr. Singh also noted that it may be inappropriate to give such form of cohabitation the right to bring up adopted children. However, the party is committed to an evidence-based approach and believes that a detailed assessment of evidence, with the best interests of children in mind, should inform the country’s final position on this issue.


Notes for Editors
SBP is India’s only liberal party, committed to defending liberty and promoting prosperity.

Sanjay Sonawani (Pune), Spokesperson, +91 9860991205
Vishal Singh, President (Bengaluru), President, +91 9920613669
Madhusudhan K. (Hyderabad), Joint Secretary, +91 9885496473

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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7 thoughts on “SBP commends Supreme Court’s initiative to re-examine same-sex relationship
  1. Rakesh Pujari

    I posted a question earlier re. this issue on the SBP Twitter handle. How can the Supreme Court repeal a law which is constitutionally mandated? Shouldn’t that be done in the Parliament? I doubt that this exercise will result in a true step forward towards LGBTQ rights in India (regardless of the intention)

  2. Iniyavel


    I agree it’s a good decision by the SC to review Section 377. Obviously it’s not the fault of people born and/or living that way. However what must be borne in mind is that they do not become grounds for discrimination like how “secular” parties bash Hindus and “Hindu nationalist” parties return the favor with even more bigotry.

    As an aside, since gays are not normal people, we can try looking at what fosters such behavior. I’m in favor of strong food safety standards. Probably certain hormones and steroids encourage this abnormal behavior in normal people.

    I recently went around my hometown Chennai, and I saw KFC outlets almost in every major region!

    I’m not discriminating against gays nor calling for shutting down investments from abroad, but I personally believe we desperately need very high food safety standards and regulations.

    If food from any of these outlets induces any kind of hormonal imbalance thereby inducing abnormal traits, punitive action is necessary.

    I suggest this as a speculated possibility. More research is still needed in this field. Because in India, cows are injected with hormones to make them secrete more milk. This is not restricted to cows, but possibly extended to other animals as well, often without proper regulations in India, which can cause hormonal imbalances in otherwise normal people potentially turning them into homosexuals.


  3. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Rakesh, nothing to be concerned about here. This is good news. The SC has **full powers** to repeal any act/ part of an act that is unconstitutional. Parliament is not supreme in India. The Constitution is.


  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Unless you are mixing up IPC with Constitution. 377 is part of an act, the IPC, not the constitution.

  5. Iniyavel


    Okay my bad mixing up IPC and the Constitution.

    I want to know if sometimes hormones injected into cows to secrete milk and other animals for other purposes create hormonal imbalance in people thereby inducing such behavior. That can be a possibility. After all less than 1% of India is truly homosexual. If food regulatory standards are improved and brought to force, probably it can be reduced even further? By this I mean in the future there will be lesser number of (avoidable) gays than at present.

    I’m not anti-gay. But I’m against inducing abnormal behavior from outside sources like foods or chemicals. What can be avoided must be avoided.

    And at present I do not support gay adoption of children unless and until I’m thoroughly convinced of the safety of children in their hands.


  6. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Iniyavel, your hypothesis re: homosexuality sounds a bit speculative. I’m sure there would be sufficient research on this topic, if you look for it.

  7. Iniyavel


    That’s true. My hypothesis regarding homosexuality is speculative but also based on some circumstantial clues.

    Sir, in the USA, this trend seems to have increased among females:

    Moreover, Indian gays have been battling for rights since at least 1991.

    As we all know, the US is home to KFC, Burger King, etc, who use various kinds of chemicals on their fast foods.

    The above articles concern cancer inducing chemicals, but I suspect it can also induce other negative traits.

    It could possibly be used in war.

    What I’m suggesting here is, we try to reduce homosexuality wherever possible. Sometimes, it can also turn out to be induced by other factors such as food chemicals, child rape, etc. The direct evidence for fast foods causing homosexuality is just a bit too shady at present, but it also is a possibility. I tried by Googling out “foods causing homosexuality”, “BPA (Bisphenol A) causes homosexuality”, “chemicals causing homosexuality”, etc, but got sporadic research articles along with some opinions which I had to puzzle together. What got me into this aspect was this video:

    This is one problem with the US today, being a fascist/socialist economy under Obama. Companies and crony capitalists can pay off the government of Obama and censor news from coming out. Like you said, the US built by Thomas Jefferson is fading fast.


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