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Unless you have specifically divorced her, I ask you to look after your wife Jashodaben, Mr Modi

What was Jashodaben’s fault when someone forced her to marry Modi when she was 16? Little girls of 16 have simply no clue what is going on, and why. They don’t even understand marriage.

Modi’s bad behaviour – of abandoning his wife the whole of his life (while potentially flirting – and more – with others – I say this based on at least two strong data points: one of these data points is public but contested, the other of these is private and constitutes hearsay but is based on sources I’m willing to put weight on) – should not continue any longer.

Jashodaben does not deserve lifelong punishment for being a duty bound, honest, married woman who has lived an exemplary life without her husband.

Yet, the stupid bureaucracy of India has denied her a passport on the ground that she does not have a marriage certificate.

I find this situation extremely deplorable.

I have many reservations about Modi’s character and don’t want any woman to be forced to live with him.

But in this case, I ask him to LOOK AFTER HIS WIFE. Make sure that she gets her passport and is able to travel as she wants. Pay for her; make sure she is treated with the respect she deserves. Make sure she gets the status and dues commensurate with being a PM’s wife.

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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3 thoughts on “Unless you have specifically divorced her, I ask you to look after your wife Jashodaben, Mr Modi
  1. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Modi was 18 – the voting age; an adult.

    But he was a coward and cared not for the responsibilities he had committed to.

  2. Vishal

    You have no right to tell that how other should live. It’s a hypocrisy.

    If they had a consensus that they don’t want to live together who are you to suggest that he should live with her.

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