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With just $5 I have persuaded 1000 people from Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Saudi Arabia to abandon religion

As many of you know, recently I created a Facebook page to directly oppose all religion.

The other day I decided to spend $5 on advertising on one of my posts on the page to an audience that is desperately in need of de-mystification about religion – people from Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Saudi Arabia.

The results have been very interesting.

  1. There is absolutely no one advertising anything to these countries, so the charge imposed by FB for such advertising is ridiculously low. For just $5 I reached out to 4500 people.
  2. But surprisingly, more than 21 per cent of the people LIKED my post – which was a direct attack on religion (I wrote: Religion = DEADLY POISON. Lies, falsehoods, delusions, destruction).
  3. A good number of these 964 joined my page. The FB invitation system for those who like a post is entirely broken, but even then nearly 75 joined the page that directly opposes religion.

It is clear that there is deep dissatisfaction with Islam as it is currently practiced.


  1. A good proportion of the people living in hardcore (violent) Muslim countries are not the oppressors but the oppressed.
  2. A good proportion of the Muslims have reached the stage where they are ready to abandon Islam – if only they are able to do so without being killed by Muslim terrorists.


Why are Western governments – badly oppressed by Muslim terrorists – not undertaking direct communication with the citizens of these countries? Mechanisms like Facebook allow millions of oppressed Muslims to be reached at unbelievably low cost.

I dislike the idea of killing innocents. And I feel a good proportion of these people are INNOCENT. They are oppressed.

Let’s liberate them, not bomb them.

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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One thought on “With just $5 I have persuaded 1000 people from Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Saudi Arabia to abandon religion
  1. Anony Mouse


    Indeed. For instance, most of the Iranian youth today are disillusioned with Islam and turning to atheism. They consider it more of an Arab imposition upon their Persian culture. This would be the same in almost all the Islamic nations that are orthodox and illiberal. The human mind is like a spring. The more it’s pressured and forced, the more it rebounds. But too much pressure destroys the spring and the human being.

    The power of strong negative emotions such as fear and trauma can never be underestimated as they carry on for generations together. This is why most orthodox religious countries under-perform in this era. Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiment proves the power of human thoughts and emotions.

    In fact, no religion would survive given the advances in science, technology, medicinal fields (biotechnology and bio-engineering), etc.

    As a side note, a new genome editing technique called CRISPR-Cas9 is now being rapidly developed and it can eradicate genetic diseases which were once inconceivable by mankind. It was invented in 2012, and has undergone 1,500 studies since.

    Here’s how it successfully cured cataract in mice:

    In such an era, there’s very little place for religious bigotry and intolerance. Even the excuse of “Karma” for genetic disorders can be discarded in the very near future. The walls are fast closing in on unverified beliefs.

    Sir, sorry for going a bit off-topic, I couldn’t but express myself because now even genetic disorders can be cured.