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Modi’s/ BJP’s/RSS’s photoshop factory of lies and propaganda. Hindtuvas = biggest LIARS on earth.



Everyone knows that Hindutvas are the BIGGEST BUNCH OF LIARS ON THIS PLANET. Everyday a new set of lies. Lies. Lies. Lies.

I’ve compiled innumerable doctored and false statements by Modi/BJP/VHP/RSS in my booklet here, but that doesn’t include many other mass scale lies, e.g. about Macaulay, that I’ve extensively commented upon earlier on this blog. These skunks can stoop lower than the lowest in human history. Skunks, one and all.

Someone sent me a zipped file of images that are examples of the colossal falsification that has been promoted by Modi in order to mislead the voter.

The only good thing is that one can’t fool all the people all the time. The people of India have learnt their lesson. I think BJP will never regain its 2014 electoral performance again. And, with some perseverance, truth (SBP) may indeed win.

This is a placeholder post. I’ll keep adding, time permitting.

There are just too many lies spread by this gang of rascals bereft of the most elementary ethics. This is only a small sample.

A zip file you can download.

[Of course, this is a TOTAL lie – as Wikileaks clarified]



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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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5 thoughts on “Modi’s/ BJP’s/RSS’s photoshop factory of lies and propaganda. Hindtuvas = biggest LIARS on earth.
  1. Anony Mouse


    I sent an email to your address last night exposing the Ganges propaganda too. Despite claims of it being cleaner and the Photoshop ops that followed, it’s actually gotten worse.

    And the PM made another truly bizarre statement on Sunday:

    In other words, he’s now washing India’s dirty linen in full worldview. Something no other PM, President or Supreme Leader of any other nation would generally do. His petty politics seems to overwhelm his responsibility.


  2. Jagdish Chandra Etauria

    These culprits and prophets of pypocrisy must be brought to the light
    and justified to be punished in day light, and discarded from the system
    of governance of this sovereign nation forever…

  3. Joe

    Good job. Liars and hypocrites need to be exposed. Generally, when someone sins, he or she is punished. But in our case, 31 % of the nation erred and sinned, whereas the whole nation is made to suffer. We have been turned to a nation of borrowers, just having to listen to speeches that go blah blah blah blah blah. Sad.

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