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In closing, I ask Yadu Singh to promote LIBERTY and peace, not bigotry and violence

Concluding post (No.8) re: the Yadu Singh issue

At the end of this sorry episode, I’d like to clarify that I’m appreciative of those who wish to promote liberty, peace and harmony in India. I can’t, however, tolerate those whose goal is to divide and destroy India.

India has seen enough of this, which led to the partition and to the killing of hundreds of thousands of people. My family is one of those directly affected by bigots from both sides: Hindu and Muslim.

I ask for every Indian to pledge to LIBERTY. Let every Indian be free to choose his or her way of life; to say what he/she wishes; to eat whatever he/she pleases – subject to regulation for animal welfare.

In closing I encourage Yadu Singh to introspect.

I’m happy to change my mind re: Yadu if he changes his mind and stops promoting hatred. Let him join hands with me in the fight for LIBERTY and good governance in India.

Yadu Singh lives in a free country and enjoys the economic and social benefits flowing from such liberty. In this society, in Australia, Hindus and Muslims are able to set up their temples or mosques freely; they are able to preserve their culture freely. Indeed, the government, as part of its multicultural activities, actively pays cultural organisations of migrants from 100+ countries to Australia, to preserve their culture.

There is almost total freedom of speech in Australia: close enough to the USA, where such freedom is close to absolute. And there is no ban on any meat in Australia, where Yadu Singh lives.

It is liberty that created the conditions that attracted Yadu to Australia. India needs the same LIBERTY as Australia; indeed more liberty than Australia.

I encourage Yadu to stop promoting bigotry and civil war. Such statements by “leaders” like him have a way of influencing the idiots who have been lynching innocents in India. Bigotry is not without consequence.

I’m happy to rebuild the (presently soured) relationship with Yadu if he commits to a FREE India where everyone can speak what they like (freedom of speech), eat what they like (no bans on any meat).

Else I ask him to pack up and go back to India.



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In closing, I ask Yadu Singh to promote LIBERTY and peace, not bigotry and violence

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