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If “Hindus” were a majority in Australia, Mullah Yadu Singh would force ALL Australians to give up beef

Post No.3 re: the Yadu Singh issue

This follows my previous post here (and the one prior to that). I had shown him (using my personal example) that (a) beef eaters are not violent, (b) do not intend to humiliate anyone. Moreover, I showed him that the principles he advocates apply equally to Australia.

I wanted to give Yadu a chance to change his views, but he vomited further bile:



So now he was justifying his hatred in the most astonishing way.

According to him the moment Hindus become a majority somewhere they gain the right to impose their beliefs on others. If “Hindus” were a majority in Australia, Mullah Yadu Singh would force ALL Australians to give up beef.

This is PRECISELY the same as the actions of Muslim fanatics who would – the moment they are in sufficiently large numbers – impose their Sharia law and other beliefs on the entire society.

A mad mullah, is Yadu.

This man lives in a free democratic society but wants to take the whole world into the medieval era.

I wanted him to then walk the talk. If beef eating so badly humiliates him and he hates beef eaters so much, he should stop seeing his beef eating patients (which means 95 per cent or more of his patients).

yadu-walk-the-talk More next. This is not over yet.   



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If “Hindus” were a majority in Australia, Mullah Yadu Singh would force ALL Australians to give up beef

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