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Dr Yadu Singh’s further comment – on my blog.

Received multiple comments on this blog from Yadu Singh. Posting one of them. I assume they are all the same.

I’ve already said enough.

Now let Yadu introspect.

[Screenshot. Btw, he has used the email which is presumably the email of the Federation of Indian Associations of NSW (FIAN).]



You are a confused idiot, who has no idea about logic and context in a public discourse. I made a comment in Twitter about India, not Australia, and never ever incited violence there or anywhere.

Only a scumbag like you can twist my tweet, and attack, defame and slander me for something which I did not say. That Tweet has the word “India” in it.

I have a right to hold a view and I am going to hold a view. An attempt to bully me by a scumbag like you will fail.

Australia or my profession do not need to be dragged into everything I say or do about/in India.

Approx 82% Indians are Hindus, most of whom hold Cows with religious reverence. There are many towns, villages and regions in India, where Hindus constitute 90+% of the population. Cow slaughter is already banned in most Indian states. Indian Government is mandated by India’s constitution to implement ban on Cow slaughter. Its in the Constitution itself.

While holding a view, nowhere did I incite or encourage violence. I, in fact, condemned Dadri murder. I condemned murder of Prashant Poojary by Muslims in Karnataka too, and asked Indian media to take this murder up as vigorously as they did for the Dadri murder.

My view is what I am entitled to hold as per the Constitution of India and Australia. I did not breach any law of India or Australia. I do not need any permission from a moron like you to hold any view.

Am I surprised with your baseless outburst against me? No, I am not. You are unhinged from the reality, logic and reason. No wonder, you pretend to run a political party for India, while sitting in Melbourne. Your so-called Freedom Party or Sone Ki Chidia is a total stupidity and a product of a useless brain.

It is clear that you have a Messiah complex, and think that only you are right, and have some divine insight about everything, including how to fix India’s problems.

This is the same “Messiah” complex which makes you to claim that you know more than Ophthalmologists about eye diseases, and that you know how to “cure” them, even without having any medical training. Wonderful!

I have no doubt that you are a MORON and a DANGEROUS person in more ways than one. I have nothing but utmost contempt for you and your moronic views.

To educate you, here are some Tweets:

Tufail Ahmad ‏@tufailelif · Oct 9
Can we be secular without eating beef — or is secularism half-Islamist? Is secularism incomplete without inviting Pakistani ghazal singers?

Anupam Kher ‏@AnupamPkher · Oct 8
#DadriIncident is a Blot on our democracy. So is #KasmiriPanditExodus. Sadly, Don’t remember any literary scholars returning their awards…

Tarek Fatah ‏@TarekFatah · Oct 5  Toronto, Ontario
– @TufailElif: Cows r slaughtered in #India bcoz Islamists use cow slaughter to challenge to #Hindus worshiping cows

I warn you that you ought to be careful before slandering me. I will not hesitate to deal with your defamation and slander by taking you to an appropriate Court.

Dr Yadu Singh



Extreme Hindutva fanatic, Sydney cardiologist Yadu Singh, is just like the extremist Muslims he despises

Analysis of Yadu Singh’s extreme hatred of beef eaters and strong allegation that beef eaters are violent killers (“Islamists”)

If “Hindus” were a majority in Australia, Mullah Yadu Singh would force ALL Australians to give up beef

Dr Yadu Singh patients should be aware of his deep hatred for beef eaters. Are you a beef eater?

Dr Yadu Singh thinks India is a Hindu nation like Pakistan is an Islamic nation.

Dr Yadu Singh of Sydney thinks he has a right to incite Indians to bigotry but that I have no right to reform India’s governance

Comments by others re: Yadu Singh’s incitement of Indians to bigotry/violence

In closing, I ask Yadu Singh to promote LIBERTY and peace, not bigotry and violence

Dr Yadu Singh’s further comment – on my blog

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