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Dr Yadu Singh thinks India is a Hindu nation like Pakistan is an Islamic nation.

Post No.5 re: the Yadu Singh issue

I had invited Yadu to engage with me on Facebook re: his twitter comments, since twitter is no place to have a discussion.

This is what he wrote:

There are places, cities, towns and villages, where Hindus constitute 95+% of the population. Instead of beef, you and your type can eat any other thing including Pork. Go, and eat Pork in Muslim countries. [Source]


I believe strongly that beef eating should be banned in India. You and your type can go for Pork eating for your protein intake. [Source]

Screenshots (will provide later)

He forgets that India is NOT a Hindu nation, not a nation founded on religion like Pakistan. India is a democratic republic, like Australia. In a republic the majority does NOT have any right to impose its views on others. Everyone’s liberties are fully protected. Everyone’s right to eat meat (or to not eat it) is fully protected.

India’s Constitution is very similar in principle to that of Australia – the country in which Singh now lives and works.Australians are a majority beef eating nation. That does not give them a right to force Yadu Singh to eat beef. Similarly, no one in India can impose their food habits on others.



Extreme Hindutva fanatic, Sydney cardiologist Yadu Singh, is just like the extremist Muslims he despises

Analysis of Yadu Singh’s extreme hatred of beef eaters and strong allegation that beef eaters are violent killers (“Islamists”)

If “Hindus” were a majority in Australia, Mullah Yadu Singh would force ALL Australians to give up beef

Dr Yadu Singh patients should be aware of his deep hatred for beef eaters. Are you a beef eater?

Dr Yadu Singh thinks India is a Hindu nation like Pakistan is an Islamic nation.

Dr Yadu Singh of Sydney thinks he has a right to incite Indians to bigotry but that I have no right to reform India’s governance

Comments by others re: Yadu Singh’s incitement of Indians to bigotry/violence

In closing, I ask Yadu Singh to promote LIBERTY and peace, not bigotry and violence

Dr Yadu Singh’s further comment – on my blog

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One thought on “Dr Yadu Singh thinks India is a Hindu nation like Pakistan is an Islamic nation.
  1. Saqib

    We’ll he could have specifically mentioned Saudi Arabia. When he says that pork is banned in Muslim countries, and generalises it, he is factually wrong.Muslim-majority countries with significant non-Muslim minorities, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, Bahrain, Albania, Kosovo, Syria and parts of the UAE such as Dubai, pork is available in international hotels and some supermarkets that cater for expatriates and non-Muslims.

    Of course, even in these countries, pork is not available freely because of economic reasons. Just like insects are not freely available in many countries – because most people don’t consume it so there is economic sense in selling it.

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