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Dr Yadu Singh patients should be aware of his deep hatred for beef eaters. Are you a beef eater?

Post No.4 re: the Yadu Singh issue

As I indicated in my previous post, if Yadu Singh hates beef so much that he is willing to incite a whole country (India) into commit lynching and other extreme violence in the name of the cow, and he feels so humiliated by anyone who eats beef, then why does he earn money off beef eating patients?

Is there a signboard in his office warning his beef eating patients about his deep hatred for them?

Yadu Singh’s double standards and pure selfishness came to the fore:

[Screenshot – to be added later]

Not relevant? Your hatred of beef eaters?

Yadu Singh is a typical Hindutva: on the one hand he will rabidly attack everyone who eats beef, but on the other he will gladly take money from (and live of) beef eaters.

This post is intended to alert Yadu’s patients about his extreme bigotry and the associated potential risks to their health. You may not want someone who deeply hates you for what you eat, to treat you.


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Dr Yadu Singh patients should be aware of his deep hatred for beef eaters. Are you a beef eater?

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