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Dr Yadu Singh of Sydney thinks he has a right to incite Indians to bigotry but that I have no right to reform India’s governance

Post No.6 re: the Yadu Singh issue

Yadu wrote this on Facebook:

I have a right to hold a view, without worrying about what you think. Your commentary against me is despicable and beneath contempt. How dare you call it immoral? How dare you run “Freedom party” for India to fix India’s problems, while sitting in Melbourne? You have some sort of “Messiah” complex! You are out of touch with reality here as well as India.

Screenshot (will provide later):

So Yadu Singh thinks he can hold extremist opinions regarding India and support ideas that can incite violence in India (calling beef-eaters Islamists in India can incite violence in two ways: by Hindutvas against innocent Muslims; by Islamic terrorists against innocent Hindus), but that others of Indian origin can’t raise their voice to reform India’s governance and policy.

He forgets that I am officially a senior leader of Swarna Bharat Party, India’s only liberal party, duly registered with the Election Commission of India. The party has provision for Overseas Indian Citizens to be members, and some time ago (in error) I have even invited Yadu Singh to join the party.

All the organisations I have helped start (e.g. Freedom Team of India, Sone Ki Chidiya Federation and India Policy Institute) are formally registered Indian entities. These organisations comply with all relevant Indian laws. I have also helped raise lakhs of rupees for flood affected people in India.

I engage with India at many levels, on a constant basis. I work for its development, for its people to achieve their potential. I consider myself duty bound to transfer the knowledge I have acquired over the many decades of experience in India, USA and Australia to help reform India’s primitive systems of governance, and to rid India of its antediluvian superstitions.

Yadu, on the other hand, wants to make India a violent Hindu nation, on the lines of Muslim nations like Pakistan. Sorry, you can’t do that. India is NOT Pakistan and I will fight tooth and nail any attempts to convert India into a Hindu nation.

Let LIBERTY prevail in India, like it prevails in Australia.

I wonder how Yadu Singh reconciles his DEEP HATRED for India’s democracy and Constitution (which promises liberty to everyone) with living in a democratic republic – and earning a living off beef eaters he thinks are Islamists?



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Dr Yadu Singh of Sydney thinks he has a right to incite Indians to bigotry but that I have no right to reform India’s governance

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In closing, I ask Yadu Singh to promote LIBERTY and peace, not bigotry and violence

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