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Comments by others re: Yadu Singh’s incitement of Indians to bigotry/violence

Post No.7 re: the Yadu Singh issue

Now let me make note of some comments from various people on Facebook re: Yadu Singh’s anti-beef crusade. I will conclude in the next post.

Comment 1

This demonstrates the hypocrisy of some highly educated Indians who have made a life for themselves in the free countries of the west but can’t seem to get their head around basic concepts of liberty. They can’t seem to get their head around the fact that no one’s obligated to “respect” someone else’s religious (or other) delusions, no matter how big the majority of the deluded (obviously they mustn’t cause any physical harm in their acts of “disrespect”).

Comment 2
Yadu Singh, How can you interfere with what I eat without being immoral? Enjoying the liberal values of Australia and promoting religious fundamentalism in India is hypocrisy.

Comment 3
When I read about medical doctors practising in a world class city like Sydney, in a modern civilised country like Australia , I ask myself – how can they sputter such nonsense? Are they serious or just trolling. Eating onions hurts sentiments of Jains, should be stop eating onions now? I just hope they don’t follow similar stupid concepts when diagnosing patients. ” Oh you have cancer , have you been eating meat on a Tuesday?

Comment 4
Proof that a degree in medicine doesn’t make one educated in all cases .

Comment 5
You [to Yadu] seem to be a reasonable man. Do you believe you have the right to tell someone what to consume and what not to, just because it interferes with your religious beliefs?

Comment 6
Yadu Singh I never disputed your right to your opinion, obviously everyone can express one. My argument was about 1) Banning something to appease a section of society – no matter how large the majority (since you keep mentioning that 82% of India’s population is Hindu) – because of their religious beliefs in a purportedly democratic, secular republic. This is not democratic, nor is it secular, it is pure majoritarianism. Indeed, by that logic, you MUST be forced to eat beef because you live in a country where at least 80% (very conservatively speaking) have beef on a regular basis. Apart from the basic facts (which you have obviously chosen to ignore) of the matter that Vedic India did eat beef and that a LARGE number of Hindus still do in India (not to mention outside of it). You are free to hold on to your delusions of the holy cow, but don’t force everyone in the country to stop eating beef. 2) And yes, I reiterate what I mentioned earlier and as Sanjeev Sabhlok has also stated countless times before, Indians living and prospering in free societies of the west who advocate banning anything (as long as it doesn’t advocate direct physical harm to other humans) reek of hypocrisy and should start by leading from example by not interacting with any beef eaters in their professional and personal lives. I don’t get why that is “despicable and beneath contempt”, especially since you are advocating to force YOUR delusions on nearly 200 million Indians by denying them a basic food item.


Comment 7

Dr Yadu Singh is a cardiologist possibly an Australian citizen. His mind works in the same way as the people who lynched in Dadri. Education has made no difference. Living abroad in a land of liberty has made no difference. I am of the view because of lack of critical thinking in India, an idea which gets rooted in childhood becomes permanent. No amount of real data or knowledge will make any difference. Once a bigot. Always a bigot. The real mark of an idiot is that he prefers to be idiot life long even when the truth stares at him.

Comment 8

The root of this lies in the premise that my culture, my country and my religion (not necessarily in the same order) is superior to others or the alternate premise that all cultures all societies are same. Both these arguments lead to false inferences. If Indian or middle eastern cultures were superior or equivalent to western culture the economic and social disparity would not be there today.
Moreover people who identify or seem to belong to inferior cultural constructs are very sensitive to any kind of criticism and can go to any extent to gag or mute those voices
I personally don’t know this doctor but I am sure he is a die hard Hindu nationalist who think that Indian culture dwarfs west and all we need to do is sift through religious scriptures and go back to 200 BC to regain our past glory.
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One thought on “Comments by others re: Yadu Singh’s incitement of Indians to bigotry/violence
  1. Rakesh Pujari

    Proud to mention the fact that comments 1 and 6 are mine. Such bigots who claim to “represent” Indians overseas (especially the free societies of the west) and speak on their behalf must be exposed for who they truly are and what they truly believe in.

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