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@brownbrumby on Twitter: attacking crazy Hindutva idiots and other religious bigots of this world

My attention was invited to this article. There is apparently this Mumbaikar who lives in Australia and attacks all crazy Hindutva idiots on the internet. Great stuff.

I’ve started following him. Please do so, and let me know if he meets your expectations. and

One of his tweets I came across:


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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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2 thoughts on “@brownbrumby on Twitter: attacking crazy Hindutva idiots and other religious bigots of this world
  1. Foreseeing the Future


    I’d like to advise you against falling prey to Islamists in liberal clothing like @brownbrumby (alternate a/c @brumbyoz) and Rana Ayyub, especially after compiling a booklet like “Islam’s war on liberty: Not just a clash, but a war of civilizations.”

    Since Modi and the Sangh Parivar are at the helm, they pretend to care for India and help the “liberal” cause.

    This Brumby is a paranoid lunatic. Please read this entire thread.

    And more from this Pakistan/Bangladesh apologist.

    The sickest tripe of them all:

    This moron is a Pakistan apologist. He’s no classical liberal or messiah on a white horse.

    Now on to Rana Ayyub.

    Since you posted this article:

    I want to clarify more about this character as well.

    “French have my condolences, not my apology.” – Rana Ayyub. As if the French were waiting for her to apologize for Paris Attacks. I don’t know what France did to her in her personal capacity, but this is the contempt she has for France.

    Surprisingly she’s mum on real atrocities on Muslims by China, and so is this @brownbrumby aka @brumbyOz.

    This happens regularly in China but both of them are mum.

    Here’s one Pakistani Syed Tariq Pirzada shredding Rana Ayyub and her bigotry into pieces in this thread:

    Storify on the same:

    However kindly note that I’m not an apologist for Modi nor the Sangh Parivar (whom I’ve targeted at various articles on this blog), but the stinking hypocrisy of the “liberals” needed to be exposed and it forced my hand to forewarn you and hence prevent you and your great movement from falling into the trap of wolves in sheep’s clothing.


  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I don’t any more follow Brumby; not worth wasting my time on what he writes.

    I had a different impression about Ranay Ayyub. Will review.

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