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BJP makes HUGE profits from selling beef. Its “gomata” lynchings are intended to force the price of cows to fall.

The title of this post is scandalous, but the truth must be said.

We know that it was the BJP who started the Dadri lynching.

And we know it was BJP MLA Sangeet Som who went about aggravating the situation.

And we know it was Modi who kept quiet for eight days in silent support. And when he spoke, he further aggravated the situation by attacking Lalu Yadav who said (quite truthfully) that Hindus eat beef.

Well, this report should be sufficient proof.

Al Dua’s statutory filings with the Ministry of Company Affairs show Som was a director from the time the company was founded in 2005 and remained on the board until 2008. Further, this is not the only meat exporting firm that Som has been involved with. There is also Al-Anam Agro Foods.

There is now CLEAR evidence – as clear as day – that Sangeet Som has been DIRECTLY involved in making a killing from meat, including beef. (Remember, although he was licenced to butcher buffalo beef, it is in cow meat that the greatest profits lie. There is no visually obvious method to distinguish between the two meats, so these abattoirs are almost certain to be selling cow meat as buffalo meat).

Clearly, it is ECONOMIC RAPACITY AND BARBARITY that is driving BJP’s and Modi’s public hype against beef.

In addition to huge bribes from looting India’s natural resources through Adani, Modi makes a killing from his partymen selling beef.

Each time they kill a few innocent people, a fear psychosis sets in and the poor farmer, desperate to sell his cows, has no way but to hand over his cows to BJP’s gang of cow smugglers at throw away prices.

These gangs operate under up MUSLIM names, and make a HUGE killing from the arbitrage of cow meat.

मुंह में राम बगल में छुरी


BJP’s leading anti-beef crusader owns a meat exporting company

BJP Leader Sangeet Som’s Links With Meat Export Firms Exposed by Documents

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