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Analysis of Yadu Singh’s extreme hatred of beef eaters and strong allegation that beef eaters are violent killers (“Islamists”)

Post No.2 re: the Yadu Singh issue

Review Yadu’s tweet here.

What is he trying to say?

  1. He is joining hands (rather aggressively) with the violent Hindutva crowd in India (Modi, RSS, etc.) to make a big issue out of beef eating. This is despite 100 per cent proof of Hindus having eaten beef in the past, and a MILLION upper caste Hindus consuming beef today. Beef has been used by the terrorist Hindutva ideologues to plant seeds of hatred and discord in India. These people are determined to kill millions.
  2. He equates beef eaters with “Islamists”. Note that “Islamist” is a derogatory term used to represent Muslim terrorists. This implies that all beef eaters (at least in India) are violent. Now, there are MILLIONS of honest, non-violent beef eaters in India and BILLIONS of them across the world. I too eat beef. I’ve nothing to do with violent Islam. This massive generalisation and stereotyping reeks of extreme bigotry.
  3. He incites the Hindutva fanatics in India. He says to them that they are being deliberately humiliated by the Islamists. He calls upon “united Hindus” (whoever they are) to “speak up”. He should know Hinduva fanatics don’t “speak up”. They kill. They lynch. The are a most violent bunch.
  4. He tries to distinguish between beef eating in India and beef eating elsewhere. As if it matters. The country is totally irrelevant. The principles he is advocating are intended to divide India into two groups, and likewise to divide Hindus and Muslims (and others) across the whole world. He forgets that his hatred for beef eating is inconsistent with the fact that he lives in a beef eating country and that 95+ per cent of his patients are beef eaters. Why is beef eating bad? How can he link it with “reverence”? How can he generalise against beef eaters as violent Islamists. He can’t have one set of principles for India’ another for Australia.

My response to him was very gentle. I intended to guide him to the error of his ways of thinking. After all, I saw him (then) as a friend.

I wrote:




Note that I deliberately pulled him out from his “India” red herring. This is all about the principles involved, and the extreme bigotry displayed – and implications for his patients as a doctor in Australia.

More next.



Extreme Hindutva fanatic, Sydney cardiologist Yadu Singh, is just like the extremist Muslims he despises

Analysis of Yadu Singh’s extreme hatred of beef eaters and strong allegation that beef eaters are violent killers (“Islamists”)

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In closing, I ask Yadu Singh to promote LIBERTY and peace, not bigotry and violence

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