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Not all French economists are like Piketty. They have some super-smart ones like Bastiat, as well

Just because there is a Piketty (see this and this) doesn’t mean all French economists are bad.

There are some truly outstanding current French economists. Jean-Jacques Laffont comes to mind as perhaps the brightest living French economist of all.

But we must start paying more attention to the work of Frédéric Bastiat, who died 165 years ago.

His legacy is largely unknown to the English speaking world, since his key works have been translated into English only relatively recently (in the 1990s). Killed by TB at the young age of 49, he would have undoubtedly played a very significant role in bringing down the false propaganda of Marx, had he lived.

The main thing about Bastiat is the passion and clarity he brings to economics.

I’ve converted one of his key writings – “Economic Sophisms” – into Word. I’ll have much more to say about Bastiat’s work in the coming days.

Download his complete works here (in PDF | in Epub)

And his Economic Sophisms” in Word.

These are absolutely brilliant.

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