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Population Reference Bureau, where I was trained for 2 weeks, works closely with mega-racist Planned Parenthood

Just for the record, that there is an "intellectual" face of Planned Parenthood. It is called Population Reference Bureau.

While undertaking my doctoral studies in economics from the USC, I was "successful" in obtaining a 2-week scholarship (in summer 1995, or was it 1996) to attend a communication training at PRB at their Washington head office. 

The PRB publishes highly exaggerated and problematic sob stories regarding the world's "population problem". The real problem, as I've repeatedly explained, is NOT the size of the human population, but the absence of freedom and good governance. If PRB spent 1/1000th of their time and energy in understanding economics, they would have something genuinely useful to contribute.

By working with PP, they are working with an extremely racist organisation. At a minimum, they must stop working with PP. 

During my training I went to the US Congress and saw how lobbyists engage in their promotion of ideas. I learnt a lot, but I never took back PRB's message AGAINST population.


The Population Council will lead Evidence, working with a consortium of partners including Management Sciences for Health (MSH), PATH, Population Reference Bureau (PRB), International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), and INDEPTH Network.

Screenshot for my record

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