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I’m not surprised Modi has STILL not shown his degree. He NEVER HAD ONE. Jumla Baba.

An RTI for a PM's degree CANNOT be rejected by Election Commission.

The claim by the appellate authority was that this "information does not form part of office records" of the Election Commission. However, it was part of the affidavit that Modi signed, and the ECI can (AND SHOULD) demand proof because of that affidavit.

It IS in the public record. The Election Commission is lying to India.

The RTI system has comprehensively failed. The matter is fit to go to Supreme Court for denial of the basic legal rights of the people of India.

But the real reason for all this is clear: that Modi DOESN'T HAVE A DEGREE and by no means is he a topper from anywhere. The man can barely speak basic English. If anything, he must have faked a degree from somewhere. 

If someone fakes his CV he is dismissed, apart from criminal cases being instituted.

Modi has LIED to India. He must be dismissed and prosecuted for this lie.


Note what I had written here: All my academic and topping university records are public. Why is Modi declining RTI after claiming to have been a topper?

And note that I have written repeatedly over the years that I don't care about people's degrees, but do care about their HONESTY.


Video of Modi's claims about his qualifications, including topping the university.

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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One thought on “I’m not surprised Modi has STILL not shown his degree. He NEVER HAD ONE. Jumla Baba.
  1. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Not only , he has no degree , appears , his advisers too have no degree , yesterday , he was quoting per capita consumption of Electricity in Kilo Volts , When the consumption is in KWh –1000 KV vs 150 KV in Bihar , it is really painful to see Office of the Prime Minister has become so ignorant .

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