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Hindutvas are all of India’s low IQ, zero ethics Hindus. Further proof.

It is shameful but there is a Hindutva fanatic (surely a Modi bhakt, as well), who has set up an account to impersonate Prof. Richard Fox Young.

These cowards, with zero intellectual ability and integrity, tend to lie, cheat, plagiarise and even threaten death (and some of them actually kill – like the cowards they are). The lowest level of scum, such is their highest standard. No animal is as lowly as the Hindutvas.

Shame on such people. They are a blight on Hinduism and on the fair name of India.

Five shameless Hindutvas are also following this impersonator.


2015-08-26 09_35_20-Greenshot

Screenshot of followers (there are more than 5 now)


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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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2 thoughts on “Hindutvas are all of India’s low IQ, zero ethics Hindus. Further proof.
  1. Dr. Pawan Kumar Aryan

    The problem is not with Hindutav, it is with Hinduism. But Hinduism is generally perceived as less damaging, whereas it is the same ‘stubborn’ toxin from Brahamanvadi Era, as is newly born Hindutav.

    The Vedic life was trampled over by Brahamanvaad. It was further intoxicated by Vijayanagar Raja in association with Sankracharaya. Which during Mogul interaction metamorphosed into crude Hinduism.

    William Jones mixed every thing made a cock tail and convinced intelligentsia that Indian civil life need be governed with “Manu” treatise “a pure Anti-vedic” thereafter distillation begun and the monster “Hindutav” is here with us.

  2. Radhakrishna Lambu

    That’s why now all those people in India, who have realized and study about races and ethnicities, want to leave hinduism. And I am not surprised,why even in past, many people did not come into hindu folds, as it meant slavery.

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