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My consolidation of Richard Fox Young’s proofs of plagiarism by Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandan

I interacted with Prof. Richard Fox Young after having failed to make sense of his tweets (I've since deleted my previous attempt/post on this issue). He has been kind enough to provide me with a sequenced set of images which I've now compiled into a Word document (with table of contents) and also converted into a PDF.

His tweets now makes sense. 

My verdict is unambiguous. BOTH Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandan (editor of Swarajya) are guilty of plagiarism.  This is INTELLECTUAL CRIME, no less. Richard Fox Young has done well to expose the feeble intellectual "exploits" of these Hindutva "intellectuals".  Only someone with significant depth of knowledge could have done so. 

Such PROVEN charges would be enough, in normal circumstancesto lose an academician his job. But these bigots have no sense of shame, so I expect nothing will happen. No one will apologise, no one will lose their job. Nevertheless, their exploits will long remain in the public domain and the people now know.

(Indeed, as would be expected from these dimwits, Rajiv Malhotra has already DEFENDED his plagiarism! He thinks plagiarism is a purely Western conception: everyone should have – according to these nitwits – the right to copy from each other. Why not copy the complete works of Shakespeare, Malhotra? Would that make you Shakespeare?) 

And Madhu Kishwar (who is PAID by him – by his Infinity foundation {infinite bigotry foundation?}, I read somewhere) has leapt to his defence! And she is an academic in Delhi University! What kind of a university system do we run in socialist India? (I'm really sorry that I spent so much time interacting with Madhu, under the delusion that she was a classical liberal. She's turned out ot be a pure Hindutva bigot, first defending killer Modi, now the intellectual criminals Malhotra and Neelakandan.)

The main author plagiarised, Nicholson, has expressed displeasure at plagiarism and distortion ('Upset about Rajiv Malhotra’s plagiarism, even more upset about distortions of my work').

Download below 

(the files are relatively big, around 5-6MB each)

Word version


ADDENDUM (from reddit)


Additional Example (courtesy of Ashay Naik): Swami Krishananda

An Open Letter to Malhotra's Publishers

EDIT: We are getting some good media traction everyone! Keep up the pressure and let's protect academic integrity.

EDIT: Today two news articles were published about controversy and Malhotra's response

The Publishers and the Crackpots: Mihir Sharma

Plagiarism Row: Shoaib Daniyal


My initial post on this topic: For my record, re: Rajiv Malhotra, the anti-liberty, crooked, deliberately cheating plagiarist



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