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There is only one “caste”: HUMAN. If you have any other caste, you are a DONKEY.

There. That's all there's to it.

If you have a caste called "Brahmin", "Bania", "Dalit" etc. you are a DONKEY. Period.

Only human caste, or DONKEY caste. No in-between "caste".

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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4 thoughts on “There is only one “caste”: HUMAN. If you have any other caste, you are a DONKEY.
  1. Sanjeev Sabhlok


    FROM PK Siddharth

    You r at a very respectable level, and as a friend I feel like telling u that use of such language does not befit an intellectual. This is one reason why people do not like entering into arguments with u. People may also pay u back in kind at some point of time. Pl refrain from using such language.

    That’s OK, PK. Someone has to speak the truth. My language is perfectly within limits. The point I make is also 100 per cent correct. I stick by it.

    And yes, people have actually used much worse language (including death threats) about me for various things. Excluding death threats, people are entitled to use whatever language they wish re: me. I may not choose to engage with such people. That’s a different issue.


  2. Prem Sabhlok

    “I am not a body, I have a body” (Rig Veda) The real self of human beings is omniscience principle Atma (SOUL). Human Souls have no caste but human bodies have Varna- divine professions (not caste) based on aptitude, capacity and desire to serve the society. All human beings have a common subtle particle of the same Supreme Reality- Father in Heaven, Allah, Brahma OM. Thus the Real Self as human beings they are equal.

    Incidentally only human beings have the soul (omniscience principle) and spirit (energy principle) and animals have only energy principle i.e.SPIRIT. India is not full of Donkeys (animals) as vary small percentage of confused Indians believe in Caste system by birth. They mix p caste system with Chatvar Varna Ashram which is allotted through Vedic education System
    Prem Sabhlok