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Arvind Kejriwal: I will take a bet with you that you CAN’T make Delhi corruption-free in 5 years. Or EVER.

Arvind Kejriwal has made a measurable commitment, that he will make Delhi corruption-free in 5 years.

I have explained 100s of times that the kinds of policies he is implementing will NOT eliminate but could well increase corruption.

I am willing to bet 1 lakh rupees with AK on this issue.

I will be happy to have this bet widely publicised and if AK fails to take it he clearly KNOWS that he will fail.

The ONLY way to clean out India's administration is provided in SKC agenda. And that, AK neither understands (nor can), nor can implement.


Someone wrote to me that this bet reflects "arrogance". My response, below:


There is HUGE difference between speaking the truth and arrogance.

Arrogance is AK personified. In 2012 not only I met AK and explained things to him but offered to explain even further. He is the MOST ARROGANT man in India and his response (after 15 reminders) was enough to convince me that this man must be opposed tooth and nail. He is an enemy of India, determined to ruin India.

And remember this is about accountability. Democracy requires accountability. I'm holding AK to account for his own claims. He has 5 years. Plenty of time. He has set his own target. I’m simply asking him to take a bet on his own target.
I don’t think he will dare take this bet, being 100 per cent scared of his useless idea not working. Not only this, he will wiggle out after 5 years from his commitment and cheat the country in other ways – by pointing fingers at others.

On the other hand, not only have I offered the alternative agenda (SKC agenda) to everyone in India (all parties) but founded a liberal political party that will take it forward. And now I'm putting my money on the line. Money where my mouth is. 

This is not about me. This is about India. Do YOU want change? 

If you wish to get there are many opportunities: FTI, SKCF, SBP.

Let me do what I must. Let others do what they should. I will keep speaking out the truth about the causes of India's colossal failures. Let the country do what it likes. 

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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6 thoughts on “Arvind Kejriwal: I will take a bet with you that you CAN’T make Delhi corruption-free in 5 years. Or EVER.
  1. devinder chopra

    Dear Shri Sanjeev Sabhlok ji,

    Thank you for sharing your views, questioning AK-67 + thereof the Delhi Citizens. Of course, you have the right, but has anyone to date demonstrated their own formula — on the ground ?

    Can corruption of all kinds get reduced by 50/60% within 5 years in Delhi State alone ? Will that start having some effect upon the neighbouring States ?
    IF there are Ashok Khemkas and Ms Durgas, etc., etc.–will there not be room available to deal with the subject BETTER than any State in our land ?
    May be Tripura has been doing it — one knows the CM there is both sincere and honest.

    i would have expected people like you, with a worldwide experience to help those elected recently, and facilitate + help them to achieve the goals you too may have in mind.
    NO ONE has the ultimate formula under his/her belt, as you too know better than anyone among us, Sire.

    Please, reflect and share; main purpose being to facilitate positive acts on the part of those who have got elected, popularly.
    And please Remember, in a democratic set up They hold the Majority–because it is a game of Numbers in the final analysis.

    Best regards & Peace. dev chopra in gurgaon 9810338049

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    “has anyone to date demonstrated their own formula — on the ground ?”

    YES. This “formuala” has operated in some way or other across 10s of highly developed and honest countries. BLINDNESS of Indians doesn’t mean that the world can’t see.

    No amount of Khemkas and the lot can do ANYTHING to eliminate corruption. 

    I don’t want to waste further time in this idle talk. Either AK takes a bet or he is a COWARD and can’t.



  3. Brian

    A few of the skc items like reducing taxes and keeping the govt. out of non essential services make sense.

    But the best way is to restrict voting rights to property owners only. Even the early American constitution was in favour of this rule.

    Only property owners know the real issues which need to be tackled on priority basis.

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    No, I disagree with the limited franchise, originally mooted by JS Mill. I’ve explained this issue in detail somewhere but can’t readily find it (possibly in DOF, I think). In brief, it is both impractical to implement and violates equality under the law.

  5. N.natarajan

    I have heard this observation that corruption cannot be removed from the society, from many in my circle. I consider this as more a wishful thinking than the result of an analysis with facts and numbers.

    The corruption has its root to party politics and garnering votes during election. Each party, other than AAP has paid ( directly or indirectly through providing a window for corruption) party workers.

    They are not law abiding. Unruly and CS cannot touch them. All goes uncontrolled as a Public Revolt”.

    We see murders arson looting in most states.

    The corruption begins while employing govt servants. Not sure if the faulty judicial processes or leaders themselves responsible for not punishing ever leader / officials involved in recruitment scams .

    Then corruption continues in posting,transfers, weekly remittances to higher officials.

    A serious Jan LokPal can fix it. For more than 45 years No Goverment wanted to implement. a strong lok pal like Jan Lok pal in itself a proof that it is the leaders who hold the key to end corruption.

    I am sure lead by Delhi, several states will have Jan Lok pal , if not out of love for controlling corruption, at least for political survival. Hopefully it will have a snowballing effect.

    Then you can witness govts working for people instead of corporates.

    I suggest the following books that would tell what ails our country.

    Good wishes

  6. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    You are very, very wrong about Lokpal fixing corruption. 

    AK CANNOT remove corruption with his current set of policies. Only by adopting SKC agenda in toto can he do it, but he doesn’t UNDERSTAND IT (and can’t, given his thick head).


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