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The BARBARIC vegetarians of India and their brutal (criminal) treatment of “cow mothers”, “bull fathers” and “calf brothers”

This article: "Dark and dairy: The sorry tale of the milch animals" is an eye-opener – that cattle bred for meat is far more likely to live a humane life than its milk-producing counterparts. Also see this: The Dairy Industry: Sanctioned Rape.

Things never add up in India. On the one hand we have a culture of "masculinity" with extreme barbarity against women – e.g. against the female child (mass killings of infants by the "Hindus" are rife), and massive levels of violence against women. On the other hand, we make claims to be "non-violent" and oppose "cow slaughter". We also claim that the cow is our "mother" (and therefore the bull our "father" and male calves our "brothers").

The article raises a fundamental question: Which is better? To kill an adult animal that has led a good life in the open painlessly for meat or to cut short that animal's life itself when very young, to prevent that animal from living?

The answer, I'm sure would be simple: FAR BETTER to be allowed to live a natural life and to be painlessly killed for meat when old, than to be prevented from living altogether.

These are the kinds of crimes against animals committed in India – which has one of the world's worst records regarding animal rights and protection.

1) Killing male calves: preventing them even from living a life.

Most male calves are either sent for slaughter or let loose to starve. he economic undesirability of male cattle is evident in the gender imbalance — 64.42 per cent female and 35.57 per cent male in cattle, and 85.18 per cent female and 14.8 per cent male in buffalo. The slaughter of male calves — whether intentional or incidental — is integral to milk production.

2) Preventing young calves from drinking THEIR OWN MOTHER'S milk

Calves, male and female, are separated or significantly restricted from accessing their mothers three to four days after birth. This separation is traumatic for both mother and calf, but leads to a 15-30 per cent increase in milk availability for humans. Following separation, calves are mainly fed on milk substitutes and are allowed only limited suckling. The mother’s milk is instead diverted for human consumption.

The above idol is purely mythical and this NEVER happens in India. No calf (including female) is allowed to drink its mother's milk. As usual, there is HUGE deception, chicanery and hypocrisy among the barbaric vegetarians.

We call the cow our "mother" but displace the cow's ACTUAL role of mother.

3) Forcing shut the mouths of starving male calves, who try to cry plaintively for their mother

Like human mothers, cows produce milk to nourish their babies. In the dairy industry, calves are stolen from their mothers immediately after they are born so that the milk meant for them can be consumed by humans. Their mothers cry out in vain, calling to their lost young ones. During PETA’s investigation of the Indian dairy industry, we found male calves whose mouths were tied shut with ropes so that they couldn’t cry out when they were hungry. These babies are then left to die a slow, agonising death in a corner. Once or twice a week, a haath gaadi wala comes by and picks up the dead bodies and sometimes dying calves and takes them to be skinned for calf leather.  

4) Castrating bulls without anaesthesia, whipping, etc.

 Some are used as draught animals where they are subject to castration without anaesthesia, nose-roping, whipping and hard labour [pulling massive weights] until they are old and weak. At that point, they are sent for slaughter or abandoned. 

(Note the bull being forcibly laid on the ground with people sitting on top of it. The machine used is surely painful enough:

5) Abandoning to eat plastic and garbage

The following are abandoned to eat plastic/garbage:

– unproductive cows whether young or old

– old bulls that can't be used anymore

There is also HUGE environmental harm caused by the dairy industry, but I won't go into that here.

I won't go here into the brutal ways by which these animals are transported and slaughtered. ALL THESE ACTIONS WOULD BE CRIMINAL in any civilised society, but in India this is business as usual.

And these "holier-than-thou" vegetarians preach to the rest of the world about how "holy" is their "mother cow".

Forsooth! Have SOME shame.



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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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10 thoughts on “The BARBARIC vegetarians of India and their brutal (criminal) treatment of “cow mothers”, “bull fathers” and “calf brothers”
  1. Rajeev

    Dude grow up!
    Where is the question of vegetarians here? And you call it a revolutionary blog? Go ask your grandmom.
    And stop using those upper case words just to seek attention and provoke people to read your blog.

  2. Rajeev

    There are so many people featured in your blog pics. Can you assure me that they are all pure vegetarians who do not indulge in eating any type of non-veg?

  3. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Rajeev, it is the Indian vegetarians who promote cattle milk drinking. Such milk drinking is otherwise a highly unnatural act. 

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    The non-veg don’t need milk. They may drink – if available. But milk is largely a requirement of the vegetarians.

  5. Pravin

    This is bizarre. Vegetarians also consume milk. Which non vegetarian does not consume milk? My grandma’s cows never had their calves separated from their mothers. it would be absurd to equate the dairy “industry” with traditional cowherd animal husbandry. The industry is a response to urbanization. Next you might want to blame all city dwellers for milk.

  6. Mike

    You are such a charlatan to sit here and expose your prejudicial beliefs on assumed hypocrisy. Did you personally ask all of the people in your pictures if they are vegetarians? Additionally there are many meat eaters in India. While there is a large problem with animal abuse your comments are shallow and distract from the real issue. However people often say ridiculous things in blogs.

  7. Chess

    You berate Sanjeev because you know he is exposing hypocrisy…not because you believe he is not telling the truth. You know it is the truth and you wish to keep these horrors a deep dark secret!

    You only need to watch this to see the neglect, abuse and mistreatment these days of Mother Cow, Father Bull and Brother Calf! Shameful India is so far Spiritually from where it used to be!!!

  8. Lisa

    I always hold India out as an example of how Americans should treat our animals, but I guess I won’t. Cruelty is everywhere, because humans are a cruel, selfish species. Mothers and fathers need to set the example of gentleness and empathy, and are failing miserably.

  9. Lisa

    What I didn’t realize is that India also commits infanticide against baby girls? I know China does this, but when the world is crying out for gentleness and kindness, what MOTHER would allow her daughters to be murdered? Where is the outcry? Why is this acceptable?

  10. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    In India there has to be an outcry on so many things that reformers have become defeatist and pessimist. Globally, there is no one to raise this issue, either, since everyone is lusting after India’s domestic market and are not interested in annoying the Indians. Further most of the global leaders (like Bill Gates) are fundamentally socialist and remain enemies of liberty and individual rights.


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