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Well said, Ramdev. Now an opportunity to redeem yourself.

I notice that Ramdev made a statement regarding the 3 Indian Swiss bank accounts recently disclosed to the Supreme Court.

This statement is timely and broadly unobjectionable. It reaffirms Ramdev's opposition to black money. 

But such a position is inconsistent with his support for corrupt BJP. I've also commented on his highly problematic support (earlier, in April this year) for a BJP candidate who was discussing black money use in his elections. Clearly Ramdev knows that BJP is floating in black money.

And his reluctance to rebut the many claims in newspapers, with proper transparent information. Or to provide me with the relevant information I had requested in December 2013, or to undergo a public audit as I had suggested.

But I'm happy to give him the benefit of doubt IF he redeems himself by doing the following:

a) provide me with full financial details I had requested;

b) get an independent audit conducted by a reputed auditor;

c) answer the many issues raised in the press re: his use of black money;

d) endorse the SKC agenda the first draft of which was first launched in his campus in Patanjali at the 4-day National Reform Summit in April 2013; and

e) get Modi to implement the SKC agenda. He should know that without SYSTEM REFORM India's governance can never become clean. Modi has no agenda to reform the system.

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