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Savarkar’s definition of Hindutva was mainly RELIGIOUS (some political). Nothing to do with geography.

The other day the RSS made the claim that all Indians are Hindu. That's true – but only in the original geographical sense.

It is definintely not true in the sense Hindutva was used by its creator, Savarkar.

Hinduism, Hindutva and Hindudom: –  In expounding the ideology of the Hindu movement, it is absolutely necessary to have a correct grasp of the meaning attached to these three terms. From the word 'Hindu' has been coined the word 'Hinduism' in English. It means the school or system of religions the Hindus follow. The second word 'Hindutva' is far more comprehensive and refers not only to the religious aspect of the Hindu people as the word 'Hinduism' does but comprehends even their cultural, linguistic, social and political aspects as well. It is more of less akin to 'Hindu polity' and its nearly exact translation would be 'Hinduness'. The third word 'Hindudom'means the Hindu people spoken of collectively. It is a collective name for the Hindu world, just as Islam denotes the Moslem world or Christiandom denotes the Christian world. [Source]

Savarkar makes clear that Hindutva is ROOTED IN THE HINDU RELIGION. Make no mistake about it, at any point in time.

What that religion is, is a matter even Hindus themselves won't agree, but that's where it all begins. This makes it radically different to the geographical meaning of Hindu which I agree with.

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