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I’m guilty of not knowing anything about Satyarthi. This is a project that will take some time.

Re: Malala's Nobel Prize I wrote yesterday to a few people:

Dear Friends
First of all let's celebrate the Nobel Prize for India and Pakistan. This is an amazing win for genuine goodness. I'm super-impressed by Malala's speech, here:
We are sick of evil people (gangsters, murderers, corrupt, opponents of free speech, religious bigots) always winning in India (and need I add, in Pakistan). But the GOOD PEOPLE can also win – perhaps only once in a while, once in a million times – if they try hard enough. 
Let us rise from our permanent state of despondency and depression about the bleak and cheerless world. The corrupt and incompetent rule India today but if we take heart and continue to fight them, we could make this a temporary phase for India. Wecould get good people to govern us. We could pack off these criminals and enemies of the people to jail. But let me assure you that we will have to try very hard. These killers, corrupt and bigots are not going to disappear without a VERY BIG FIGHT.
There's a powerful message in Malala's inspirational speech for all grown ups who have lost hope of seeing the triumph of goodness in life. She is wise beyond her years. In her hope for mankind lies a key lesson for us: FAR BETTER TO TRY AND FAIL THAN NOT TRY AT ALL. May we all – and our children – become little Malalas in our own right.


But I simply don't know anything about Satyarthi's work. That probably explains why one commentator is complaining about the (relatively) stunned silence in India to his Nobel.

I am currently too flat out to find out more about Satyarthi. I'm sure he'll grow on us all, in due course, as a great hero of India. Fully support anyone who fights bonded labour and child labour (although for the latter the solutions are far more complex than mere legislative change).


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