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For every Hindu killed in communal/ religious violence, THREE Muslims have been killed in independent India. (Statistics re: riots)

As I wrote some days ago it is impossible to discuss anything meaningful about India since every Indian seems to be obsessed with Hindu-Muslim issues. 

On FB one of the many Indian bigots has been busy smearing all Indian Muslims as wolves. I've challenged him to take that statement back. 

More problematically he denies the well known BASIC truth about communal killings in independent India: that an OVERWHELMING majority of Muslims have been killed in communal riots. 

For this analysis we need to exclude J&K where a significant political question is involved. Similarly we should exclude Panjab terrorism arising from the demand for Khalistan. 

On PURELY religious grounds, then, the data are clear: Hindus kill MANY MORE MUSLIMS in an average riot than Muslims. Most of the time, the Hindus are strongly supported in killings by the Police.

I'm not able to access the Varshney-Wilkinson Dataset on Hindu-Muslim Violence in India, 1950-1995, Version 2 (ICPSR 4342)  nor have time to study various studies on this issue. [Would appreciate if someone can email me the dataset]

I'll just put down two bits of information in this blog post, then I'll leave it to readers to provide further data.

1) First, this table from the Case Studies that are taught (or were taught in my time) at Lal Bahadur National Academy. I had taken a copy from NC Saxena and OCRd/ converted into text many years ago [Download here]. 


2) The following Wikipedia entry confirms the pattern, perhaps with even more severe consequences for Muslims.

Since 1980 we see that major killings took place in Nellie (around 2000 Muslims killed), Bhagalpur (mostly Muslims out of 1000 people killed) and Gujarat 2002 (around 790 Muslims vs. 254 Hindus).

The overall ratio is approximately this: for every Hindu killed THREE Muslims have been killed in Independent India.

For those who call Muslims wolves, I'd like them to explain this to me: how is it that so many Muslims are killed in riots? And how come the massive ANCIENT building (Babri Masjid) was demolished by the Hindus?

As reports of Judicial Commissions clearly show, most riots are started by Hindu fanatic groups/ supporters of such groups.

No, I'm not saying that Muslims rioters are innocent. But please don't tell me that Muslims have been particularly violent in India. VIOLENCE IS A LARGELY A HINDU (MORE PRECISELY "HINDUTVA") PHENOMENON IN INDEPENDENT INDIA.

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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10 thoughts on “For every Hindu killed in communal/ religious violence, THREE Muslims have been killed in independent India. (Statistics re: riots)
  1. Emani Venkatesh

    I wonder how many were spontaneous outbreaks, and how many were pre-planned, pre-meditated, cold-blooded pogroms? And does the fact that Muslims constitute a majority of the victims, absolve the community of the taint now assiduously piled onto the Majority Community? To infer by an enlightened logic that the sheer weight of the numbers of the dead belonging to a particular community is proof enough of their victimisation, of their persecution, of their innocence, is to do proud to a classical-liberal tradition currently being blindsided and gradually overwhelmed in the West by forces inimical to Multi-Cultural Open Societies.

  2. shanty

    Why should J&K and Punjab be removed?
    Lakhs of Kashmiri pandits had to leave Kashmir. No muslims had to.

  3. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    “I wonder how many were spontaneous outbreaks, and how many were pre-planned, pre-meditated, cold-blooded pogroms? “

    Do you really wonder? Or you throwing this line in to detract from your DEEP BIAS and PREJUDICE?

    The reports of judicial commissions are out there. I cited it. Read it. 

    Read my documentation of the Modi riots in which he got hundreds of innocents killed.



  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    These were TERRITORIAL movements. Quite different to run of the mill hatred that pervades India.

  5. samar

    you claim to work for betterment of india but every post of you displays an ignorance that i can see in the copy paste articles of the so called india watchers. The muslims have everytime started a riot and got killed in retaliation. Tell me,are you still working for the cia(or now australian agency) so that i can be sure and stop reading your post.

  6. shanty

    TERRITORIAL movements that forced only people of one religion to pushed away.
    You’ll never admit this.

  7. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Samar, why would Muslims “always” start a riot, knowing that (statistically speaking) three of them will get killed for each Hindu they kill?

    Kindly go through the reports of judicial commissions. The story is most often the other way around.

    I do not aboslove ANYONE of killings, but unlike you I’m driven by data and the facts do not support your claim/ belief.


  8. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Yes, there is no doubt that the territorial movemnets in J&K and Panjab were not supportive of other religious people living there. That I do not support these movements is also clear. But I’d like the analyse of these two areas to be kept separate from that of the rest of the “routine” riots.

    By all means do your maths regarding these cases, as well, if you like.

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