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A powerful message for all leaders of India from Swami Om Poorna Swatantra

Swami Om Poorna Swatantra is one of the finest individuals I've met: to the point, clear about what he stands for and what he wants for India. 

I visited his ashram on the outskirts of Pilani in August, and he prompted me to take the plunge (to help reform India's governance through grassroots work) and not worry about the family and such matters. In his view, such things always get taken care of. I have been mulling over his advice.

In the meanwhile he sent this powerful message which I'm publishing with his kind consent. I believe this message must be read by all Indians who wish to see a New India – a Nav Bharat, a Swarna Bharat.

Please read and widely share.

I invite readers (you are all leaders of a New India) to rise to the challenge.

But first, a photo that I'd taken of Swamiji at his ashram (click for larger image). He is seated in the front, along with key leaders from surrounding villages.  

The Way to New India 

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The Way to New India

A Leader is the corner stone of national edifice, he bears the burden of entire structure, he is not only its foundation but also the architect of its destiny. In the history of the nation what we are faced with today as central problem is the crisis of leadership.

Before 1947 when we were poor, mostly illiterate and under the subjugation of a foreign power, we produced a galaxy of great leaders — in all walks of life, spirituality, literature, politics, science etc. — , several of them were of world class stature of whom we feel proud even today. These leaders galvanized the decrepit nation and built a force of indomitable courage and will which empty handed threw the super power of the world to the other shore of the ocean. This was a unique action and achievement in world history. It not only won freedom for India but also set an example of successfully fighting a battle against a material and military power with moral Force and that too in a so called age of materialism. Following this approach so many countries in the third world achieved freedom in the second half of 20th century. That is the measure of the quality and caliber of our pre-independence leadership.

After Independence our focus shifted from human to economic development and although some development took place but it was uneven, it divided the country into two categories: few became extremely rich and many became extremely poor. Secondly, as money became the supreme value and man was ignored, the quality of life suffered a great loss, man became sub-servient and a means to the end of money-earning. This negative equation led to degeneration and all round corruption in society. This is a very dangerous development and if not checked where we as a nation would land only God knows. This is the question of our survival, so this national cancer will have to be controlled at all cost by reversing the trend of life from downward to upward.

In a historically most revolutionary action man will have to be freed from his slavery to money and matter by focusing his attention on himself as the object of ultimate Value. And finally he will be made to realize that he is the master of all the world created by God: human and sub-human as he is the Son of God. The whole exercise of upward movement will begin with the heart and soul of the nation whom we term as the Leader.

Who is a Leader? What are his characteristics and qualifications? A true leader is one who stands at the head of the past, epitomizes the past achievements; represents the present, is the embodiment of the truth of the present time-spirit and constitutes the foundation of the future, that is, is the source of future creation, out of him springs the vision and action which shapes the future of a nation or a world. In simple terms our leader must be capable of acting as a driver as well as an engine of the train of India. He must have the driver’s vision to look into and see the future of nation and the strength of the engine to carry the load of the entire nation to the destined goal on his single shoulders.

By infusing the fire of his spirit into his co-travellers and passengers through his words and actions he must be capable of enlivening his nation and set it on march. This leader is not an isolated individual, he is identified with the whole nation, he is the India himself, India individualized. India is his family and home, he lives its life. This is his public as well as personal life, he does not have any personal life apart from it.

This is our new leader who acts as the central column of new India, his emergence marks the beginning of the work: Building a New India.

Now two things are required: a comprehensive and integral vision of the India to be built, a blue-print of New India and a work Force to translate this vision into action, a physical reality. The new leader will play these twin roles: formulate the vision and generate the force.

The Blue-Print of New India : The blue-print will consist of the seven aspects viz. spiritual, moral, culture, educational, social, political and economic.

  1. Spiritual : The traditional spirituality has been world-withdrawing, not only it did not take interest in the life of the world on earth but positively rejected it as something negative and worthless. Therefore, for the spirituality to serve as the bedrock foundation for the India to be built a revolutionary change will have to be brought about in the spirituality itself first. Instead of moving backwards and away from world life, it will have to change its direction and move towards life, earth and nature and bring about a corresponding change in their constitution along the way. This world transforming spirituality emerges from its base and source in the Divine. In fact, when the Divine descends as a universal Conscious Force, this kind of spirituality is the natural outcome and manifestation of the Truth. It is in the cradle of this spirituality that a new India would take birth.
  2. Moral : The releasing Consciousness of spirituality brings man out of the prison of ego and removes its vitiating and distorting effect from the nature of man and makes him naturally good. This natural goodness reflects in all human endeavour and behaviour. This is true, natural and genuine morality, it is not imposed from outside by any authority based on social custom, religious traditions or convention. It is the manifestation of pure intrinsic human nature. It is like the fragrance of a fully flowered spiritual bud. It beautifies the life of the individual himself as well as spreads sweetness all around.
  3. Culture : The culture is the process of refining, reforming and purifying human nature through various methods, disciplines and practices. Like any natural product man is born as a rough and raw product of Nature which requires constant processing to take him to the final shape of Truth, Goodness and Beauty. In Vedic tradition this process of purification has been termed as Sanskars. But due to criminal neglect of human being instead of moving upwards towards betterment of his quality he has gone downwards and degenerated into a beast and a most dangerous creature. His natural Prakriti in place of refining itself into Sanskriti has defiled itself into Vikriti. In modern context this negative development has made man a threat not only to himself but to the survival of all life on the planet earth. It is therefore not a matter of choice but compulsion of the day that this falling trend must be checked and order of life reversed. The would be new India must centrally focus on this aspect of life as she is the hub of the world. A cultured man is equal to god and cultured India would be the abode of gods because man is potentially divine and culturing is the process of revealing his divinity.
  4. Education : Education is the ‘organic factory’ for man-making and nation building through human cultivation and reprocessing. It is not merely polishing brain and storing information and turning man into an efficient machine through computerization of his system. The new India will develop a scientific system of education which will be universally applicable with local adaptations and variations. It will have three phases:

i)It will scientifically analyze the human organism and discover the ‘formula’ of his constitution with all the components and integral parts of his being.

ii)Then on the basis of this formula provision will be made for the integral development of his life: as an individual, as a member of society and a productive citizen in modern age of computer.

iii)Finally it will undertake to do continuous research in the Science and Technology of Life and thus to rising to ever new heights of consciousness.

From here the work of building a new India practically starts.

  1. Social Structure : The society built on the integral vision of life would be  radically different from the present one. It would not be constructed like a house from outside, it would instead organically grow like a tree from inside. It would be self-generative, it would generate energy from within itself for its sustenance and growth and it would be continuously growing stronger and stronger. But its strength would not be used for the exploitation of others and the destruction of the weak, it would, rather, protect, serve and strengthen them. As this society would be based on self-fulfillment, its natural motive for action would be to give everything to all, not to take anything from anybody.

As integrality of life would be the basic nature of this society, so the competition between the individuals would be replaced by co-operation and the two principles of ‘freedom of individual’ and ‘harmony in society’ which have kept the world divided into two rival blocs of Capitalism and Communism for almost a century due to having adopted contradictory postures would be realized to be complementary. The free individuals will serve the society and bring about greatest cohesion and establish natural harmony in it, whereas the society, on the other hand, will provide for the greatest freedom to its members so that they put force the creativity of highest order and enrich the society in return.

This way the New India society will grow into a national family and materialize the truth-vision of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam of the ancient Rishis.

  1. Political Order : Democracy or the ‘government of the people, by the people and for the people’ which is based on the equality and maturity of the individuals, so that they all not only take part in the constitution of the political authority but also contribute towards shaping its policies in their governance, is the highest political ideal up to which modern society has evolved. That is a different matter that in practice we are no where near the ideal because of our human immaturity.

But our political order in New India would be based on the Unity of Life, not merely the equality of men. Here the law of life, the love is the governing principle which serves, not rules and duty, to give and contribute according to one’s capacity, is the only right, — the return is automatic. The more the capacity — mental and physical — you have, the greater becomes your duty to give and serve and, on the other hand, in proportion to the intensity of your need your right to receive is increased: the strongest is the first servant who constitutes the foundation of the social structure and undertakes the responsibility of nourishing and nurturing the entire human family as a mother or father, and the weakest and the lowliest is the supreme ‘master’ to claim, demand and deserve top priority in service. The power and authority to control and govern comes from your capacity to love, serve and give which again is determined by the degree of your identification with the nation, world or earth, that is, the degree of your realization of the unity of life.

  1. Economic Production : It is rightly said that India is a rich country inhabited by poor people. Nature has given us everything: vast area of land, abundance of natural resources, huge man-power capital to invest and a developing technology. But after 2/3 of a century’s struggle we are still one of the poorest nations in the world. Why? There is something basically wrong with us. Though we have two powerful centers of production, farm and factory, where the Kisan and Mazdoor are constantly at work, yet we have not been able to translate the potential into actual. It concludes that our approach has been wrong.

The wrong in approach was that we started building the national edifice from the top whereas naturally it must have been started from the bottom, started from outside instead of starting from inside for the development to be organic, steady and sustainable.

India is a rural country and agriculture is the back-bone of its economy and the main source of its employment generation. So we should have made agriculture as the launching ground for our economic revolution and liberation and the Kisan as its vanguard. Then Kisan’s younger brother Mazdoor could have carried the movement of economic development upward through small scale and cottage industries in rural sector and medium and heavy industries in co-operative and public sector. This is also the pattern which economic development has followed in world history.

This order of development which has been followed since Independence will have to be reversed for the removal of disorder and establishment of Order. This process of integralization through awakening to the Truth of life will make Rishi and Mazdoor one, God and Nature one, You and I one, — and it would be the nucleus of new India. Besides this, you will have to take care of the balance between production and consumption keeping a check on population.

After the blue-print of new India, a comprehensive outline of the India to be made, the what to be done, has been drawn, the question comes about the how and the who will do it.

Our Leader, as described earlier, who would be fully equipped and thoroughly versed with the above vision of new India will act as the architect and undertake to build the India envisioned.

How will he act? History is replete with the re-occurrence of the fact that the period of renaissance precedes the great epochal action, the Revolution: John, the Baptist prepared the ground for the advent of Jesus, the Christ; Hegel’s generation sowed the seed for the birth of Bismarck; Nietzsche  was the smithy on which Hitler was forged; and without Karl Marx there would have been no Lenin and the Russian Revolution. The age of humanism and enlightenment went before the French Revolution; the great Awakening laid the foundation of the American Revolution. The modern Indian Renaissance created the field for the installation of Indian Independence. Therefore, the great, radical and transformatory action of the birth of new India will be preceded by a mass movement of national Awakening along the aforesaid lines.

The Movement would work on five fronts simultaneously:

1.Spiritual Front: The central function of this front would be to conduct research in the Science and Technology of Life which will lead to the discovery of ever higher principles of consciousness and to the development of appropriate technologies for their application to the physical life of India and the world.

2.Scientists’ and Thinkers’ Front : This would constitute the movement’s communication link between the laboratory research and the field work. The thinkers’ job is to formulate the vision in a language which is understood by modern man: in scientific terms for the elite and in simple terms for the common man. They will be the leaders of the awakening movement. They will not be merely guides and philosophers but architects and engineers to fashion a golden body and divine soul of New India.

3.Youth Front : The youth are the building material for future India. The quality of their life will determine the nature of India to be built. Therefore, the vast ocean of raw youth energy will have to be thoroughly processed, illumined and awakened and infused with the vision of the truth of life. They will be led to the realization that they are not the children of the old but the ‘fathers’ of the New India.

4.Masses Front : The masses are the monolithic base of our life. If this remains asleep and inert, if its dormant genius is not stirred up, nothing positive can happen to this country. We must realize that the masses are not only the lowest strata of our society but they are also the masters of our destiny and it is with them that rests the future of this nation, they can make or mar it depending upon their condition. So if we want to rise as a nation, we shall have to raise them up and make them makers as they constitute the bulk of India.

5.Women Front : The women are not only half of the world but as mothers they are the creatrix of all the world. And as the kind and quality of the creation is determined by the kind and quality of its creator, so the condition of the women is responsible for the state of the Indian nation. So if we want to raise the nation to the glory of heavens, we will have to uplift its mother, the women to the status of a goddess as she is supposed to have been in some golden days of its ancient history.

When the Awakening reaches the point of ‘critical mass’, the New India shall take Birth, — it is as natural and inevitable as the birth of a child at the ripe time.

Swami Om Poorna Swatantra

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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