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A great RSS leader’s scientific wisdom: “a plastic surgeon fixed an elephant’s head on Ganesha”

Modi, a "great" RSS leader comes from a school of thought that has repeatedly shown that it is completely removed from anything to do with reasoning. The superstitions, muddled ways of thinking and delusions of RSS/Hindutva folk just beats anything one can imagine. They should call themselves a theater or nautanki company.

Modi has taken up the task of FURTHER CONFUSING the already confused Indians (confused because of the most deplorable education system one can imagine).

He said this recently "a plastic surgeon who fixed an elephant's head on Ganesha". 

There is no doubt that India had fairly advanced knowledge of surgery in the past. Sushruta Samhita, written during India's golden age, even explained the basics of plastic surgery. That's fine.


First, Modi, there is NO Ganesha. Even if, according to Advaita, there is a kind of "spirit", that spirit is formless. Ganesha is a figment of imagination. Like James Bond. [Addendum: Sanjeev: This comment raised a question.I've responded here.]

Second, there is simply no way the head of an elephant can be grafted on to a human body. Let that delusion not even be discussed. Cartoons with such "grafts" can be made, drawings can be made, even statues and idols. But a REAL GRAFT? Forget it. These are not even remotely close as species. This is TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE from first principles. [Individual organs CAN potentially be transplanted from different species, but that requires a level of knowledge that was simply non-existent in ancient India]

Modi, kindly stop babbling nonsense. That will be much appreciated. Do also read the Constitution which talks about the scientific attitude. If you never learnt the basics of science, please don't show your COLLOSAL ignorance and mislead the already confused Indians further. 


My FB post:

This completely violates basics of the Vedas and Vedanta: the formlessness of God. According to this view, God can be brought down to the level of man, operated upon, and sent off on his way to become an idol for our use. I'm surprised genuine Hindus aren't alarmed at this claim – that their God is a mere human creation.


Link to the speech on PMO website

PM Modi takes leaf from Batra book: Mahabharat genetics, Lord Ganesha surgery

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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6 thoughts on “A great RSS leader’s scientific wisdom: “a plastic surgeon fixed an elephant’s head on Ganesha”
  1. Rakesh Pujari

    I genuinely thought he meant it as a joke, until I actually read the Rediff article…but even then, is it possible he meant it in a mythological, rather than the literal/medical context?

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok


    I haven’t watched the entire speech but if you have time you could do so and let me know during which portion (minute/second) he discusses these absurd things (about people knowing about gentetics, plus this claim about Ganesha being the result of plastic surgery).





  3. Sidney Max

    It is not the Hindu tradition to take their symbolic stories as historical, as it is in the Abrahamic traditions. Hindus have a strong philosophical association with all their stories. I can assure this man was not speaking in a literal sense.

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I know. That’s what I said.

    But this RSS man is confused. Let him be.

    Surgery is LITERAL. And he wasn’t joking. Modi never jokes.

  5. Aaron

    Actually, even if you could transplant an elephant head to a human body, have it not cause an infection, and have the person survive … let’s consider for a moment that person would be left with an elephant BRAIN! You have to switch brains, something plastic surgeons are not remotely qualified at any point in time to do … and has never been done outside of movies/TV. You can’t stick the elephant brain on the body and suddenly by magic have all the thoughts from the human brain move through the air into it.

    And, while you are in the process of replacing heads … you have before you a headless and brainless body. The moment you remove the human head you have death, unless they had a system to keep the body alive without a brain. So, you have two dead bodies, then have to revive the bodies, let alone switch heads, and transplant brains. Easy for a plastic surgeon. I’ve had my nose done, cheeks done, tummy tuck, a few brain transplants myself and was brought back by the dead by my local plastic surgeon. He even gave me a discount and you’re in and out in an afternoon, but of course if he lived thousands of years ago on the Indian sub-continent it would have taken less time.

    There’s modern science, there’s science of the ancient world and then there’s Star Trek.


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