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Hindus agree that the buffalo is not sacred. Let there be a “EAT BUFFALO FOR HEALTH” movement in India.

I've discovered an interesting fact – that even the most fanatic supporters of the "sacred cow" hypothesis (it is a false hypothesis, but that's a different point) have nothing to say about the buffalo.

The buffalo is not "sacred"in India, or is just as "sacred" as a chicken. [Also this]

As a blog notes, "all the northern states have buffaloes now. Farmers have accept it because of clear increase in demand for buffalo milk and meat. There is no sentimental attachment to a buffalo" [Source]

Not only is the buffalo not considered sacred, it is sacrificed EVEN TODAY in many temples in Hindu India, like a chicken or goat may be sacrificed. (In the past even barren cows and bulls were so sacrificed, but that's not relevant to the point I have to make.)


From India Today – photograph of a temple from the outskirts of Guwahati

Kamakhya temple has buffalo sacrifice (Youtube). “Almost three to four  buffaloes are sacrificed at Kamakhya every month and dozens of them are slaughtered during Durga Puja festivities.” [Source]


There are regular sacrifices of buffaloes in some temples in Kerala, and there is massive consumption of buffalo/ cattle meat in Kerala.


Nepal, a purely Hindu kingdom, holds massive ceremonious slaughter of buffaloes.

The point I wish to make

I have no interest in people's personal food choices but it is clear that:

a) Regardless of the veneration (or otherwise) of the cow in India, the buffalo is NOT so venerated TODAY. (In the past only the MILCH COW was so "venerated", not barren/bull).

b) Significant HINDU populations in India (and Hindu Nepal) regularly consume buffalo meat.

c) India is forced to export its buffalo beef to the rest of the world since domestic consumption is very sporadic and poor.

d) India has THE highest rate of malnutrition among children in the world. There is massive protein deficiency.

I also don't like the idea of animal sacrifice (although I don't wish to dabble in people's religious beliefs). I prefer humane slaughter in proper abattoirs. Animals must be treated humanely. There is no excuse to treat them badly – even as food.

Solution: Let there be a EAT BUFFALO FOR HEALTH MOVEMENT in India which will lead to a new industry, improve the buffalo stock, and improve the nutritional status of our children.

A win-win for everyone. Without firing up the mad Hindutva fanatics who are determined to make India as backward as they possibly can.


“There has been a huge demand for Indian buffalo meat in China" [Source]. What's the point of this – when our own children are badly nourished, we are making China healther?

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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32 thoughts on “Hindus agree that the buffalo is not sacred. Let there be a “EAT BUFFALO FOR HEALTH” movement in India.
  1. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Not received any link to youtube video. Please note that I’m in favour of highly regulated animal meat processing, which means humane conditions at all time.

  2. Alex C.


    Please explain to me why has the Australian Govt. funded this video? Is Australian Govt. ready to fund any and all films as part of encouraging “emerging” (out of what?) film-makers?

  3. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I’ve now skipped through this video (too long).

    This is not news to anyone in India, where meat – particularly chicken – is often killed fresh in front of the buyer (in the less urbanised areas).

    There is no doubt that we need to understand our place in life as a mammal that has evolved by killing and eating game. I have myself reared and then killed and cooked chicken, and have no psychological issues with this process.

    Our existence as a species depends on our ability to secure animal protein. The alternative is to grow it in the lab, which they are now working on.

    As a rule, any animal species that we eat survives and flourishes. We make sure it reproduces in large enough quantities. That’s why chicken will never go extinct. That’s why I strongly recommend eating endangered animals (under regulatory oversight), through licensing the production of such animals in a regulated fashion. This will dramatically increase supply of, say, tigers, making it no longer attractive to poachers to kill them in the wild.

    The extinguishing of a life to promote another life is part of the cycle of this earth. It is the law of nature. Let children everywhere, who eat meat, know that an animal had to die in order for them to live. I believe, however, that animals must be killed as humanely as possible. That’s the key lesson missing from this movie, which is half-baked and ill-informed (not even educational).

    Alex, I don’t think the government should fund such videos, but once a government enters such things (and yes, sadly they do so on grounds of promoting culture) then one can’t discriminate about what can be funded.

  4. anupam

    I found it strange because i don’t have the guts to kill an animal(frankly speaking),but i won’t stop eating meat!!

  5. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    This is not about “guts’, Anupam. It is about understanding one’s place on this planet as an animal. Repectful killing of livestock for food is good for that species (its future is safe in our hands) and for mankind.

  6. Alex C.

    Anupam ji,

    You were left feeling this as this video is somewhat of a propaganda video, and taps upon the poor ethics most non-vegetarian parents impart their children. Just listen to what the girl’s (in the video) great grandmother tells her regarding the rustic ethics of killing chicken! Also, note that a clean kill by a practiced hand is much, much more kind than a botched up torture-job by an amateur, which this video tends to show. If you want to kill your own food, that is a good desire—but do it only when you are confident and respectful. Being squeamish then neither does you any good, nor the animal, as shown in the video. Sanjeevji is right that in India many animals are slaughtered on the spot before the buyer to prove freshness. So buying meat in India is usually not so detached a process as in Australia. Still, killing it yourself is best, if you can do a clean job, and have a home with the necessary space.

  7. Alex C.

    Anupamji: Re: the girl’s great grandmother’s explanation, I give it as an example of a very good explanation that even a child can understand (as is the lady’s intention). Such, or its humanist variant, should be taught to all meat-eating children by their parents/elders. There is no “dirty secret” behind meat as the video seems to imply.

  8. Alex C.


    So the Australian Govt. will fund any video that even goes against its political agenda, for example, on as diverse topics as support for the Baghdadi Caliphate or gay marriage? I don’t think so. This Govt.-sponsored “culture” is ridiculous.

  9. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I can only agree with you on this. You are welcome to form government in Australia and fix this.

  10. ADK

    Why an Animals has to be killed to have secure future ? Why cats and dogs have secure future in western world then ? Why is it necessary to eat meat to have protein ? Your explanations are not convincing me.

  11. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Animals have been part of human diet since the beginning of our species. To NOT kill animals for food is the greatest puzzle. Explain ot me why animals should not be eaten, when we have evolved as an omnivore.Why do you wish to do something totally unnatural.

  12. Mazo

    Your argument is grotesque, simplistic and absurd.

    Humans have evolved as omnivores – so why not eat cockroaches and rats too ? Why not eat mosquitoes , housefiles and lizards ?? Why not eat human beings also – lets start with small children and babies first – since their meat will be most tender!

    Humans also evolved with a LARGE and sophisticated brain – that made them capable of thought, that made them rational beings with a concept of morality, ethics and civilization. Religion is a product of this – a product of civilization. To say “Hindu fanatics” keep India backward is moronic – since without those “Hindu fanatics” – your kind would be reading Namaz 5 times a day and speaking Urdu “slokas” to your Middle Eastern God without a memory of your culture, your tradition and your heritage. It is the “Hindu fanatics” who fought against the savagery of Mohammedans of the Mughal empire and overthrew them, it was the Hindu fanatics who thwarted the attempt by the British to shove pork and beef into the mouths of Indian sepoys to do their bidding. It was Hindu fanatics who resuscitated and rejuvenated the Hindu dharma after 1400 years of Islamic savagery and barbarism under the Mughals.

    Eating the meat of animals is profane and savage and only the low birthed people and the impure people would stoop to such levels – even if they are hungry. Having a national policy of feeding Indian children blood and meat is disgusting and none of these children whose “nutrition” improves will become just impure lowlifes. It will only promote the growth of the already widespread and shameful meat and blood economy to grow drowning India is the collective blood of all the creatures slaughtered for profit.

    If you want to remain a savage, a barbarian homosapien eating meat and drinking blood and wearing animal furs – that is your business. But 5000 years of Hindu Dharma, Buddhist Dharma, Jain dharma finds the sacrifice of life for living to be a sinful and lowly existence of beggars and barbarians – not civilized people. Eating the flesh of cows is not only a sin, it is a mortal sin punishable by death since the time of Ashoka the great . Even Mughal emperors banned the slaughter of the cow because they couldn’t manage the Hindu revolt against this barbaric practice. The British learnt this lesson also very painfully in the revolt of 1850. But apparently some fools who think they are very brilliant and “secular” haven’t understood yet that the cow is sacredness is an article of faith not because it is written in the Vedas or some scientific proof – but because 800 million Hindus believe it to be so.

  13. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    “Eating the meat of animals is profane and savage and only the low birthed people and the impure people would stoop to such levels – even if they are hungry.”

    I would have trashed this ill-informed comment, but it serves a purpose – by demonstrating the EXTREME IGNORANCE of the Hindutva (not Hindu! – for the Hindus include also an entirely different group of people) fanatics.

    Pl. do read my booklet on the subject but if your mental capacity is so low (as I would expect) that you don’t understand biology, evolution or archaeology, leave alone freedom, choice and independence, then please don’t bother to read the booklet. It will hurt your brain.

  14. Ranganathan Parthasarathy

    Hi Sanjeev,

    An excellent article and suggestion. To add to your article – buffalo meat is a great source of Vitamin B12, heme-iron, heme-zinc, DHA, creatine, carnosine, Vitamin D3, apart from easily absorbed protein. This will solve the problem of anemia in Indian women – an overwhelming majority of them are anemic – in turn it will solve the problem of underweight babies. No more skinny fat Indians, no more struggling at sports….the benefits will be endless….The difficult part is to undo generations of brainwashing. It is not hard to quote any number of paragraphs from the Ramanyana and Mahabharata as well as the Vedas which suggest beef and meat eating. By the way, none of these texts have the word “Hindu” in them. What you are saying is truly practical, and patriotic as well. I hope your suggestion is welcomed.

  15. Shobna

    I’m a vegetarian. I’ve seen (and delicately averted my eyes) animals being quickly butchered, hens being selected and chopped. All in a moment. Hens are delicate, but goats? Some goats walk obediently to their death, some try to run. The larger the animal the greater the pain it must go through.

    A humane way of obtaining meat though desirable seems difficult to achieve. People who are involved in the killing lose touch with the pain that prolonged torture involves. Worse, the torture is sanctified by the rituals.

    Our texts make a relation between food and temperament and make vegetarianism appear pious, yet, wasn’t the dependency on agriculture a prime factor that led to a need for slaves (lower castes)? Are all scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, artists, innovators and the like, vegetarians?

    We have no ‘real’ basis for supporting a vegetarian or non-vegetarian diet, rather, for most of us it’s habit. For some, it’s a conscious respect for life.

    The beef fracas is more about making an ado about nothing, drawing attention from the masses who don’t have a view. Is beef-eating really going away because of the attention it has caught? I doubt it. But if it is done, the killing will be swift and silent.

    That is why we should demonise all non-vegetarianism. Prevent ritualistic killings by making them non-Indian, unacceptable to the heart of the Indian, sorry,Hindu and force quick, painless killings.

    Videos like this make play their part in edifying vegetarianism:

  16. The small guy

    It’s the media that’s not publishing the truth and facts.

    I will state the facts.

    Indian sacred cows and bulls are the ones with a hump on the back. They withstand harsh Indian climate upto 110 F. They produce less milk and are lean, friendly and docile animals.

    Insects don’t bite them. They repel insects because they produce less body heat, and sweat a lot.

    The hump stores some form of food. Their milk is pure and is one of the constituents of Soma, drink of gods. And mine. :)

    These are called Brahman cattle. These are protected by law and by sentiment.

    US imported a group of them in 1850’s and bred then with local half breeds to increase milk production and meat qty.

    The flat back cattle either Buffaloes or cows have no value to Hindus.

    Nobody said buffaloes were sacred. All “beef” found in Kerala and West Bengal is buffalo meat. I mention these states as I travel there.

    The problem is when Muslims want to eat a cow’s calf or the Brahmin cow. It’s eaten on some occasions. That’s a crime. And should be.

    It’s in our constitution. I don’t recall the section. It’s there.

    Now if Muslims and Christians jump around saying secularism is enshrined in the constitution then they must follow ALL that’s in it. Right?

    They can’t cherry pick portions they like.
    They can be convinced to eat buffalo meat. Most are peaceful chaps.

    However it’s the media that’s not letting them be. They say beef is being served at so and so place. Or that it’s being transported. The journalists know exactly whether it’s a legal buffalo meat or illegal cow meat. They won’t mention it. Who will buy their papers if they speak the truth?

    I’m not sure where it’s reported that China imports Indian buffalo meat. They import something yes, but its via Vietnam.

    They don’t import meat actually. It’s only offal i.e. spare parts – tongue, heart, tail etc.

    Indians don’t eat buffalo offal. So no harm exporting it.

    The largest market is actually the gulf area. Again it’s all the expat Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis who are the main users.

    To be more specific, it’s the Indian water buffalo. The black ones with huge horns.

    I hope that will clear the air.

  17. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Again, the same incoherence coming through. Baseless assertions, strong opinions. Pl. pick one issue and take it through to the logical end.

  18. Raj Chattopadhyay

    Hi Sanjeev. I just really felt the urge to get this through. I do know that you are a highly qualified civil servant and have lots of experience with the Indian political system and Indian politics too. And, you obviously may have thought of this as well. I just wanted to suggest that it’d be great if SBP would take to the streets and possibly educate people and in that way, convince more people to join the party; it may make the party stronger and much more resilient power and possibly even a famous political force worth reckoning. Just a thing that popped up in my mind. Thanks! Meanwhile, I’m planning on doing the same or starting a blog really.

  19. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Raj, SBP is market driven – while we have the world’s best idea, it is the market that needs to recognise it and value it. That’s what you’ve done through your email.

    So long as the idea gets traction, what you are saying will automatically happen – through people such as yourself and many others doing little things on their own to advance the cause of liberty at the grassroots in India.

  20. Kalyan Goswami

    Just want to add that having food of your choice for nutrition is always the right of any animal species. It is the natural rule. While we argue about vegetarianism versus non-vegetarianism, the basic idea about life is always forgotten that the plant are too living beings. To eat vegetable is in no way non-violent as it is also sacrificing the living being. We probably got too much carried away by the bloody thing with animal killing. Optimum use of our natural resources from animal as well as plants are necessary. The evolutionary development made us omnivore, neither herbivore nor carnivore to have survival advantage. Later with embracing agrarianism the food culture shifted to more herbivorous one. However it all depended on type of food availability, to develop into the food habit. All the religious concept linked to food consumption is just super-imposed later with some intentions, not totally based on scientific studies. Every food item has its own nutritional merits and demerits. Judicious use based on feasibility and afford ability is probably the major guide to embrace any particular food practice, not guided by any superstition or prejudice.

  21. Rajat

    I think one should not do wrong to someone else. Other than that, people, if they improve their health, governance system, do science research,etc, wont really get them anywhere. Human History may just be deleted in a blip. The next second. I am a stupid and childish guy, just like the animals. I am on their side.

  22. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    You are welcome not to eat animals (but you do eat trillions of animal bacteria without which you would be dead long ago).

    And yes, animals must be slaughtered humanely for meat.

    Finally, you have no right to use the gun (the force of government) to stop others from eating animals, for then you effectively become a violent criminal.

  23. Neesha

    Nice article. I am always confused that India protects and treats cows better than girl child.

  24. Dr Avinash kumar

    I suggest whole must come together and ban eating beef. This is most poisonous and toxic food a man can ever eat for following reasons :
    1) If you undertake a deep and molecular research in history of violence of thousands of years it can very safely be concluded that 99% killing of human beings or selfkillings across the world has been done by the people, communities, countries,societies and culture who follow the practice of eating beef.
    2)It is particularly very toxic to indian genetics. Scientifically, It is now an established fact that indian genes are highly susceptible to heart diseases and that the larger the size of animals having red meat higher the content of fat. Beef meat very red and very rich in fat content. It is therefore a food of this kind can never become an ideal food for heart disease susceptible indian people.
    3) As far as protein replacement is concerned you will be surprised to know that beef meat is not extremely rich in protein. On the contrary the fact is that beef meat supplies more fat than protein to body. Furthermore foods like eggs, soya etc supplies far more protein than does the beef meat. In fact the cause of prone deficiency in india is lack of quality education. I have intentionally added here the word ‘ quality’ because half knowledge is always dangerous and with that you are always going to pick wrong facts for you.
    Under the circumstances it is not difficult for me to understand that why all the devil conquerors and dictators of the world who were involved in mass genocide from Alexander, Changetz khan, Taiimur lang, Nero, Caligula, Hitler, Stalin to Osama bin laden to Baghdadi belong to the communities that consumers beef. Some communities who are genetically non violent although not kill the others but kill themselves or fell in the trap of high incidence for heart diseases. South India is best example for the same.

  25. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I was in two minds whether to publish your nonsensical views, but decided to publish for the sake of illustrating how brain-dead these idiot Hindutvas have become.

    I do not wish to nor have time to “refute” your tripe.

  26. Raj

    The point being: Even if beef is as good as poison “Dr” Kumar, people have the God-given right to do what they want with themselves.

    We aren’t scientists, but we have a good chunk of common sense and more importantly, courage to uphold the fundamental freedoms of people.

  27. Ranjodh

    The problem is not what is going in a person’s mouth, it is about what comes out of a person’s mouth.

    Recognise this and be enlightened.


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