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Preliminary proposal for Workshop II: India’s liberal political strategy: 2014 and beyond

In 2004 I convened a 5 day workshop-seminar to discuss India's liberal political strategy (2004 and beyond). Details here. Please review the discussions of this 5-day workshop-seminar to get a sense of what was discussed, how it was discussed, and what came out of it.

Ten years later, I am prepared to convene the second such Workshop: India’s liberal political strategy: 2014 and beyond.

The only condition on which I'll convene this workshop is that all existing liberal parties decide to consider merger in some form or shape. There is no time to waste time in idle chit-chat. And only decision-makers should attend.

I've proposed an outline of the possible workshop in the draft slides below.

Please download, share, think, and get back to me.

I'm also discussing in detail in the Navbharat Manch google group. If you are interested in supporting political liberalism in India in some way, please let me know and I'll include  you in this group.


PowerPoint slides


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