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Indians are becoming an obnoxious blight on the planet due to their socialist system of education

Received this today:

Ramgopal Papajee <email ID withheld> wrote:

Views of lord Macaley ( Britsher) 1835,pl read and fwd to yr nearest & dearest.

He sent the following link:


My response

Sh Papajee

This is the translation of a FALSE statement – a statement which Macaulay never made. Please don't join the bunch of millions of confused bigoted Indians who – because of the miserable education they have received from the socialist education system created by Nehru (which BJP copies, being the Godchild of Nehru) NEVER bother to read original sources but spread canards and misleading information. The ability of Indians to conduct research is now – at best – limited to copying and plagiarising the work of the West and often declaring that all this was found in the Vedas! 
The facts about what Macaulay actually said are available in my blog posts below. You should read original sources. 
Kindly do not contact me on this topic without first having read ALL the blot posts below, and the cited original writings of Macaulay. 
Now, Macaulay was not perfect, and I'm no one's apologist, but his contributions to India are immense and only the socialist children of Nehru (which almost all Indians are) will pass such judgements WITHOUT READING THE MAN! 
What an obnoxious blight on the entire planet have Indians become – due to Nehruvian socialism (which is ENTIRELY being copied by BJP – and AAP).


The links I published yesterday were incorrect. Sending the correct links again:

Sorry, in view of the time being taken to search for the title /URL of my blog posts on Macaulay through google I used my WordPress dashboard and ended up sending password-protected links.

I’ve spent some 15 minutes today re-building the titles/URLs of the posts through google search, and also added a couple more posts that I had missed yesterday. Please review these, if you have time. 

If enough Indians try to read and understand Macaulay – instead of believing the blatant falsehoods and vicious canards being spread by the Hindutva brigade against him – they will learn a lot about liberty itself – for he was one of the greatest contributors to human liberty. His influence on Hayek was on par with the influence that Mises had on him. The claims of Macaulay's forcible' introduction of English in India are also badly misplaced. Decisions about this were taken long before he came to India, based on the demand of INDIANS themselves, and decisions of English officials higher than him. Introduction of English to India was inevitable, with or without Macaulay. 

But without Macaulay's insistence on the scientific attitude, India would have become a miserable nation like Pakistan, as a commentator pointed out to me yesterday: "We owe Macualay a great deal for the current status of India. Pakistan has Urdu and India has BPO, peace, science and technology. Macaulay, Hastings, Wavell and even Curzon were admirers of India and Indians." 

Now, many other Britishers were not friends of India so being independent was absolutely necessary.But then, Nehru came in and destroyed whatever chance India had of high quality education by creating government schools and colleges, which, with their corruption and pathetic mediocrity, have created 1.2 billion half-literates without ability to read original sources.

(Thanks to Mike Rana for pointing out the error in my links sent yesterday.)

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